Daylight Starlight Wildlife by Wendell Minor

Daylight Starlight Wildlife by Wendell Minor
As the title suggests, this is a picture book of nature’s contrasts. Explore visual paintings of animals active during the day (diurnal), those active at night (nocturnal), and those that are active at twilight/sunrise (crepuscular). This would be a very useful classroom resource with which kids can identify creatures, both familiar and unfamiliar, and can compare and contrast. Also useful are the latter “Fun Facts” which include additional information pertaining to the animals depicted in the book. Appropriate for children ages 3-5

Cast Off by Eve Yohalem

Cast Off by Eve Yohalem
Avid fans of authentic historical adventure will be captivated by Yohalem’s rich details portraying mutinous life on board a merchant ship in the seventeenth century, and completely satisfied with its high seas adventure and two energetic, tween-aged main characters.
Petra and her family were once wealthy in Amsterdam but with the recent absence of her mother, her father has regresses into an abusive alcoholic, and life turned a bit darker for Petra. She escapes this reality and enters another by stowing away on a ship heading to the East Indies. She is discovered by Bram, an illegitimate boy of mixed-race heritage whose sole desire is to work hard for the ship’s captain, who might in turn, legitimize papers for Bram’s heritage so as to permit him to travel into Europe to learn more of his parents. Shared in alternating points of view, find out who gets keelhauled, how they fare when battling pirates, and if the captain survives a mutinous crew in this nautical-rich story. Appropriate for children ages 10+

Waiting for Unicorns by Beth Hautala

Waiting for Unicorns by Beth Hautala
Chronicled by Talia’s tween voice, this story is both expressive and haunting. Following her dear mother’s battle with cancer, Talia is begrudgingly towed from her beloved home in Woods Hole, Massachusetts to Churchill, Manitoba in Canada due to her father’s annual whale watching assignment, where he can study beluga whales. Because there is no one to watch Talia while her father is away on this dangerous mission, she is informed that she must stay with Sura, a local Inuit woman, whom Talia’s never met before in this isolated, arctic landscape. Fearful of losing her father as well, and unsuccessfully trying to heal with her mother’s “jar of secret wishes”, Talia’s quiet, contemplative story is alive with vivid descriptions as Hautala explores growing pains, loss, grief, and shares a quiet message that is quite healing. Appropriate for children ages 9+

Let’s Talk About It

Registration is now open for our fall book discussion series, “Muslim Journeys”. Presented in partnership with the Lewiston Public Library and the Maine Humanities Council, this exciting book discussion series on Islamic culture aims to bring a new awareness of our shared values and difficulties through fiction and memoirs.

Discussions will alternate between the Lewiston and Auburn libraries.

Each novel in this series will be followed by a discussion facilitated by Reza Jalali, Author and Coordinator Multicultural Student Affairs at University of Southern Maine.

To learn more and  pre-register please visit You may register online  or call the reference desk at 333-6640 Ext. 4.  All registered participants will receive copies of the books.

Music Together

Please join Caroline Coffin  of Androscoggin Music Together for a free demonstration of the Music Together program on Friday August 21st in the Maggie Trafton Program room.
Music Together is a research-based music and movement program that supports the musical development of babies, toddlers, preschoolers and their caregivers.
For children ages 0 – 5. Space is limited, so please call the library at 333-6640 ext.3 to register or use our online registration form.

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