Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

Sydney’s brother, Peyton, grabs all of the family’s attention. But now, the family is saintconcerned for Peyton. His behavior caused an accident, drunk driving, and a jail sentence. Sydney is searching for a place in the family with everyone worried about Peyton. It seems as though she is the only one worried about the victim of the accident. The Chathams, are a friendly, chaotic family who owns a pizza parlor, and cares for their mother who has multiple sclerosis.  There Sydney feels accepted. She meets Mac, a gentle, protective guy who makes her feel seen for the first time.

My Life in Dioramas by Tara Altebrando

My Life in Dioramas by Tara Altebrando


In Kate Marino’s candid twelve year old point of view, Tara Altebrando’s story is laced with compassion and humor. Kids will relate to Kate’s initial aversion to change, moving, and subsequent personal growth. Having lived in New York’s Hudson Valley for a long time, the Marino family’s home is lovingly named Big Red and is full of memories. However, Kate’s parents are financially strapped and their solution is to sell their home. Kids and tweens can relate to Kate’s honest feelings, observations, and creative attempts to disrupt the unwelcome move. Kate is torn between holding on to the past or growing into the future. When she realizes that “change is hard, until it’s not” she finds a creative way to honor her old home by crafting dioramas of Big Red to honor and remember the rooms in which she and her family grew up. Appropriate for children ages 9+

Computing with Maureen

Do not put off replying to that e-mail your insurance company sent you or miss out on those pictures your daughter posted of the grandkids on Facebook.  If you need some basic computer help including answers on e-mail, Facebook, or how to attach that resume to an on-line job application drop by our computer lab on the second floor and ask our lovely and dedicated volunteer Maureen “Happy” Goff for some help.  No appointments are necessary.  This is not a formal class so come prepared with your computer questions.

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