Tech Class for Seniors, 10/14

Do you know a Senior (Age 60+) who would like to be more comfortable with technology? Let them know that the Auburn Public Library will be hosting a special technology class for seniors on Weds., 10/14, from 10 a.m. to Noon. We will be using tablets to show how to access the Internet, create an email account, become familiar with Facebook and more. thanks to help from BoomerTECH Adventures. This is a part of the “Tech for Seniors” project which is funded through a grant from the Maine State Library. We are working with the Bethel, Lewiston, and Norway libraries to bring seniors to technology and technology to seniors. Class size is limited so please make a reservation by calling the Library at 207.333.6640 x 2020.

Library Holiday Closings and delayed openings

The Library will be closed on Monday October 12 for Columbus Day. We will also be closed on Wednesday November 11 for Veterans Day.

We will have a delayed opening of 10AM on Wednesday October 14. We will have a delayed opening of noon on Wednesday November 4. Both late openings are for staff training.

We will also be closed on November 26 for Thanksgiving, but will have regular hours the rest of that week.

Volunteers needed!

We are currently looking for volunteers for the following positions in our Lending and Collection services department:

Adopt a stack (1 hour per week, flexible) Do you love fiction, audiobooks, or movies? Adopt a section of shelves in your favorite section. Stop by once a week to straighten, dust and make it look beautiful!

Online Requesting assistance ( 2 hours per week, 9-11AM, M-F)Everyday we pull books requested by other libraries. When they go out, books our customers have requested come in! Help us by pulling books off the shelf for delivery, then sorting books that come in. Must be able to stand for two hours and lift up to 35 pounds.

Processing new books (2 hours per week, flexible) Attach labels, and covers, laminating and stamping new books. A great way to see what’s new! Requires good attention to detail.

Cataloging assistance (2 hours per week, flexible) Help us with basic maintenance of our online catalog. Requires good computer skills and excellent attention to detail.

See more information about volunteering, and an application, here.

Do you have extra craft supplies?

Have you ever looked at a DIY project or new craft and thought “I’d try that if I didn’t have to buy so much stuff first?” The library will be adding DIY kits so you can try new crafts or home improvement without buying stuff first. Each craft kit will include an instructional book or video, basic tools, and some supplies for you to use. We will also have home improvement kits with basic hand tools.

If you have any of the following supplies you are no longer using, please consider donating. If you have suggestions or questions, please contact Marty or Suzanne or use our contact form.

We are currently looking for donations of the following materials

  • Paint rollers
  • Painting tarps
  • Hand tools such as hammer, screwdriver, wrench
  • Shaped cake pans
  • Colored pencils
  • Beads
  • Knitting needles
  • Crochet hooks
  • Yarn
  • Cotton Fabric (for quilting)
  • Origami paper
  • Sewing/beading needles
  • Thread

Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate

Crenshaw  by Katherine Applegate

Jackson and his family are homeless again and may be forced to live in their mini-van. Crenshaw is an imaginary friend who helps Jackson deal with the troubles he and his family are facing. Applegate’s treatment of homelessness and its effect on families is sensitive and compassionate. This book will shed light on a serious problem facing many families. While serious, the book manages to find  the humor and joy in life and in friendships both real and imaginary. Grades 4 through 6.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: the Sword of Summer

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: the Sword of Summer

by Rick Riordan


Rick Riordan is back with another series sure to delight his young fans. The Sword of Summer is the first book in a new trilogy by this perennial favorite author among middle grade readers. Magnus Chase, orphaned and alone lives on the streets of Boston. When a distant uncle tracks him down to tell him he is the son of a Norse God his adventure begins. Filled with humor, trolls, giants, monsters, villains and heroes this book will have readers wanting more. Grades 4 through 6.

Voice of Freedom Fannie Lou Hammer by Carole Boston Weatherford

Voice of Freedom Fannie Lou Hammer by Carole Boston Weatherford


Fannie Lou Hammer was the youngest of 20 children born to sharecroppers in Mississippi. She became a champion of the Civil Rights movement and the Freedom Summer of 1964. She even spoke at the Democratic National Convention. This richly illustrated picture book introduces readers to an amazing and unforgettable woman and celebrates the spirit of the Civil Rights movement. All ages.

Finders Keepers by Keiko Kasza

Finders Keepers by Keiko Kasza


When a squirrel finds an acorn in the woods he claims it for himself calling out “‘Finder Keepers!”  He marks the spot with his red hat. When the wind blows the hat away where will it land? Each page in this delightful picture book shows a new woodland animal with the red hat. And the hat has many uses. Will the squirrel find his acorn again?  And his hat? With a twist at the end, this book is sure to become a favorite.  Ages 2-6

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