The Art of Cartooning workshop, Oct. 13

Cartoonist Mike Jordan, of Big Red A Press, will be at the Library on October 13th at 6:30 pm to lead a hands-on workshop called the “The Art of Cartooning.” This is a new addition  to “No Laughing Matter: The Pulitzer Prize and the Art of Editorial Cartooning,” a lecture and workshop series on editorial cartooning.

Jordan will give a short talk on sequential art and the changes in dynamics between a one panel strip, a three panel strip and beyond.  Attendees will then create a three panel strip by committee with Jordan’s guidance.

Mike Jordan was born in Lewiston. By the age of seven, he had created his own “funny” book, a MAD MAGAZINE rip-off which lampooned his favorite comics, movies, and television programs.  By high school he had begun creating longer, more complicated comics, based no longer on movies and TV, but mostly on his friends and schoolmates.  The next several years saw the inception of “THE MIDNIGHT ANGELS” and “IRON IAN” and the involvement in two different ground-floor comics.  Jordan publishes much of his work on-line.

The library events are supported by Maine Humanities Council and the Pulitzer Prize Centennial Campfires Initiative, through a special grant category for Maine-based organizations seeking to use Pulitzer Prize-winning writing, journalism, photography, drama, or music composition in their 2016 programming.

Political Cartooning with Mike Keefe, October 4

In a presentation of his editorial cartoons, Pulitzer Prize winning political cartoonist Mike Keefe will offer insights and humorous commentary on current events –– a wide range of topics, political and cultural. He will discuss the role of political cartooning in modern journalism, the state of the art today and its prospects for the future. Following the presentation there will be a question and answer session.

October 4 at 7PM.

Knitting Brigades of WWI: Sept. 27

In the summer of 1917, following the U.S. declaration of war against Germany in April 1917, the American Red Cross put out an urgent call for volunteers in every state who came to knit more than 15 million pounds of wool into socks, sweaters, hats, and bandages for our soldiers and allies overseas.

In less than two years, membership swelled from 200,000 to over 30 million nationwide. Women, men, and the nation’s school children knit and purled more than 23 million articles for the war effort in the most successful mobilization of community resources in the United States.

Join Holly Korda as we explore the amazing efforts of the Knitting Brigades of WWI, and learn how knitting helped unify the nation and win the war. The presentation will include fascinating stories and vintage photographs.

September 27 at 2PM.

Political Cartooning series starts Sept. 19

Auburn Public Library will present “No Laughing Matter: The Pulitzer Prize and the Art of Editorial Cartooning,” a lecture series on editorial cartooning in September and October. The series will feature talks by two award-winning cartoonists and the former Director of Maine Archives and Museums, and an exhibit of Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoons from years past.  Support for this program is provided by a grant from the Maine Humanities Council and the Pulitzer Prize Centennial Campfires Initiative.

On September 19th at 6:30 p.m., historian Erin Bishop, former Director of Maine Archives & Museums, will provide an historical overview of political cartoons, which have been an influential and popular art form in America since the late 18th century. As a journalistic shorthand, editorial cartoons express powerful ideas, distilling complex issues into a single potent image. Bishop will break down the basic techniques cartoonists use to convey meaning and will guide guests through famous and noteworthy cartoons about key issues in American politics.

The complete schedule of events:


September Book Discussion

The Auburn Page Turners is always looking for new members to join our boisterous and fun group of avid readers. The September discussion is on the non-fiction title Elephant Company: The Inspiring Story of an Unlikely Hero and the Animals Who Helped Him Save Lives in World War II. Part biography, war story, and wildlife adventure, Elephant Company is the story of James Howard “Billy” Williams whose rapport with the world’s largest animals transformed into the charismatic war hero known as Elephant Bill.

September 11 at 12:30PM.

Fall Reading Challenge

Do you have what it takes to achieve the ultimate in Reading Adventures? Pick up a book challenge flyer and see how many categories you can fill between September 1 and December 31, 2016. The list is also available here: Fall Reading Challenge
Fill the most categories and you could win four new books of your choice* to start your new reading year out right (random drawing in the event of a tie). And all readers who log at least four categories will be entered in a drawing for one book of their choice.*
Titles may only be used to fill one category, but we will have a special prize for the title that fills the most categories.
Our display in the library will feature suggestions for each category. We will also feature two categories each week on our website, with a weekly blog as we read along!
*Books must be available from our book wholesaler at the standard library discount.

Introduction to Microsoft Word 2010 starts 9/9

Writing, editing, and producing documents such as letters, resumes, or reports is most often done using a word processing program such as Microsoft Word. If you want to learn how to use Microsoft Word and abandon that old fashioned typewriter or know some of Word basics but want more in-depth knowledge on how to manipulate the look of your documents, this is the perfect class for you. Space is limited so pre-registration is required.  Pre-register by calling the Library at 333-6640 Ext 4 or register online here.

Note: This is a four week course so please register only if you are able to attend at least three of the sessions. Class dates are Sept. 9, Sept. 16, Sept. 23, and Sept. 30 from 10:00 am to 11:30 am.

Try a DIY Craft Kit today!

Have you ever looked at a DIY project or new craft and thought “I’d try that if I didn’t have to buy so much stuff first?” The library now has DIY kits so you can try new crafts or home improvement without buying stuff first. Each craft kit  includes an instructional book, basic tools, and some supplies for you to use. We also have a tool kit with basic hand tools.

The DIY Craft Kits are usually kept on the second floor. We have a few on display near the lending desk, along with some creations made with the kits. Check them out next time you are in, or find them in the catalog under DIY Craft Kit!

NEW! Try our DIY Little Bits kit!

little bits


Still time for our weekly challenge!

“Exercise Your Mind” and win prizes. “Exercise Your Mind” is the theme of the Auburn Public Library’s 2016 Adult Summer Reading Program which encourages adults to explore a variety of ways to improve their health and well – being while sharpening their mind. Take part in our weekly brain wellness challenge by completing three activities a week and maybe win a great prize. So this summer dance, read, or jog but get involved and see how good it feels. Come get your registration sheet now at the APL reference desk on the second floor.

More information is available at the reference desk on the second floor of the library.  To be eligible for the weekly prize drawing, participants must be adults and must complete three of the activity choices by date required on activity log. Activity logs may be picked up anytime during the week.

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