Freedom and Liberation with Dr. Charlie Plummer June 7

As part of its Primetime Adventures Spring Lecture Series, the Auburn Public Library will offer presentations by Dr. Charlie Plummer on “Freedom and Liberation” on Tuesday, June 7, and “Civil War Reconstruction, Liberation, and the 14th Amendment” on Thursday, June 23.   The presentations are offered in the Library’s Community Room at 2-3:30 PM, and are free and open to the public. The presentations are supported by a generous grant from the Maine Humanities Council.


In his examination of “Philosophy of Freedom and Liberation,” Dr. Plummer hopes to provide a deeper understanding of these critical concepts. In today’s contentious primary races, opinions have been voiced by candidates and their supporters concerning all aspects to the rights conveyed by the 14th amendment, most notably concerning immigration, birthright citizenship, and marriage equality. Dr. Plummer will guide the audience through a discussion of the principles and tenets of freedom and liberation, beginning with the concept’s ancient roots, and continuing to present day America.


In his talk on “The Reconstruction: The People and Politics Following the Civil War,” Dr. Plummer will examine the role of the federal government in protecting citizens’ rights, and the efforts for economic and racial justice in the turbulent years following the “War Between the States.”


According to Dr. Plummer, the challenging prospect of rebuilding the South and transitioning four million newly-freed blacks from slavery to a free-labor society fell to the Army’s “Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands” (the Freedmen’s Bureau), established in 1865. The Freedmen’s Bureau plan was a good one, notes Dr. Plummer, “until the politicians got involved,” especially the newly-elected President Andrew Johnson.


The bureau was headed by Union General Oliver Otis Howard from Leeds, Maine. Known as the “Christian General” because of his deep faith, Howard was instrumental in the establishment of public schools for blacks, most notably Howard University (named after him).


A popular speaker at the library, Dr. Plummer travels widely doing portrayals of Confederate and Union Civil War generals, including Joshua L. Chamberlain, Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, Oliver Howard, and Stonewall Jackson, and ordinary people of that time.


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Author visit, May 19

On November 12, 1971, Bernard Patterson, a highly decorated Vietnam War hero  robbed the Northern National Bank in Mars Hill, Maine. He escaped with $110,000 which at the last time was the largest bank robbery in the state.  Author and historian Ron Chase is so fascinated with the case that he recently released The Great Mars Hill Bank Robbery which chronicles Patterson’s story. Join us at the Auburn Public Library on May 19th at 6:30 pm as Chase talks about this infamous case.

This program is free and will take place in the Androscoggin Community Room. Books will be available to purchase.  Retail price is $16.95.

Free Language Course

Swahili – English is the new swag! Sign up for this free language course and learn some basic Swahili.  Not only will you learn the language but lessons on culture will also be included in the class.   The class will run for the month of May on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Those who sign up should be prepared to attend the majority of the classes.

Please call the Auburn Public Library at 333-6640 Ext. 4 to register or use the registration link.

The first class was May 5, newcomers are welcome.

Note:  On Tuesdays, the class will be held at the Franco American Heritage Center.  The Monday and Thursdays classes in May will be at the Auburn Public Library

Radio Astronomy

Are you aware that most of what we know about the universe was learned using radio telescopes? Radio telescopes are defined as an instrument consisting of an antenna or system of antennas connected to one or more radio receivers to detect and analyze radio waves from space.  In this engaging presentation, we will explore the uses that astronomers are making of radio astronomy and the advantages of radio versus optical observing. Since radio picks up lower energy (lower temperature) objects than optical astronomy, we can use radio telescopes to look at very different objects. A demonstration radio telescope will be used before and/or after the presentation to give a hands-on experience to participants.

May 23 at 6PM.

This program is offered in conjunction with the NASA exhibit, From Our Town to Outer Space.

The exhibit will remain in the library until July 8. We have many related events scheduled, click here to see the list.

More information on the exhibit here.

Writing more compelling heroes 4/22

With the rising popularity of dark fiction such as Game of Thrones and young adult dystopias such as The Hunger Games, the classic notion of a hero seems to be losing ground to more complex champions. In this workshop, we’ll discuss examples from pop culture and borrow from the concept of alignment in role-playing games to consider what the popularity of morally ambiguous heroes can teach us about writing better protagonists.

At APL, 4/22, 3-4PM

New book group!

Seniors, come join other book lovers for a book review/discussion hour at the Auburn Public Library on the 4th Monday of each month, beginning Monday, April 25, 2016, in the Androscoggin Community Room from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m.  Bring in a brunch item to share and your favorite morning beverage!  Hear what others have to say about some of the books you’ve been thinking about reading and share your views with other readers about those books you just could not put down!

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