It’s time! Turn in your entries by Dec. 18.

If you have been participating in the Fall Reading Challenge, it is time to finish your reading and turn in your reading log. You do not need to read all of the categories to enter! Reading should be completed by December 14, and entries must be received by December 18.

GRAND PRIZE:  All readers who complete all categories (or the most categories if no completed entries are received) will be entered into a drawing for four new books of your choice! (some restrictions apply)

FIRST PRIZE: All entries with at least five categories filled will be entered into a drawing for the first prize, three new books of your choice! (some restrictions apply)

PLUS, a bonus special prize for the reader who finds and reads a book that fills the most categories.

#6 A book set in South America or by a South American Author

South America includes twelve countries: (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela). Trinidad and Tobago, and Panama may also be considered part of South America. Authors include some of the most notable of recent years, including Pablo Neruda, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Isabel Allende. 

Some online resources to help you find authors and titles:

Best South American Authors of All Time 

Popular South American Authors (from Goodreads) 

Books about South America for travelers include mostly Armchair Travel with a few fiction titles

12 Best Books About South America

7 Best Books on South America

Top 10 Must Read Books For Anyone Traveling to South America

FRC#3: A book about someone with a superpower

Stories about superheroes have abounded in recent years. There are many choices, especially in graphic novels featuring humans with super abilities from Squirrel Girl’s squirrel power to the Hulk’s massive abilities. Looking for a more realistic take? Many magical realist novels feature characters with a magical ability in a mostly realistic setting. Other authors, like Stephen King, may put superpowered characters in a not quite realistic setting but with consequences that ground the book in the real world. Check out these websites, or see our newsletter for some suggestions!

FRC#10: A Book Featuring a Cat

It’s well known that cats have conquered the internet. But cats frequently star in print as well. Not a fan? Try a book that paints cats as the villain, such as Watership Down or the Redwall series.  

Check out our newsletter for suggestions or try these online sources:

Plus, a couple of longer lists that don’t necessarily explain the cat connection:

On a more serious note, Scientific American offers a list of nonfiction books about cats:The Best Books for Cat Lovers​

FRC #9: A book by a Native American author

Here in Maine, today is the first Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Celebrate by reading a book by a Native American Author and fill one of the Reading Challenge categories!  See our newsletter here, or try these resources online for suggestions.

#4 A Book seen in a movie or on a TV show

We’ve had a lot of questions about this one. The image is Mrs. Whatsit played by the actress is Reese Witherspoon in the movie a Wrinkle in Time. Find more suggestions with our newsletter, or try these web sites with lots of suggestions for this category.

Rory Gilmore reading challenge

Mad Men Reading List

Lisa Simpson Book Club

Reading Lists of beloved fictional characters

Books Featured in Movies from Bookglow

Fictional Characters Reading Books

FRC #1 A Book Featuring a Hobby or Craft

There are lots of possibilities for this category! Many cozy mysteries feature crafts–the amateur detective may find clues in her quilting circle, or solve a mystery by chatting with customers at a yarn or fabric store. Other fiction novels may also use the craft as a way to bond or to connect with the past. 

The library also has a large collection of nonfiction craft books on the second floor. If you are thinking of trying a new craft, here is an opportunity to check out a book on a craft new to you! You could also try a memoir written by someone whose hobby or craft became an important part of life. 

There are many books that will fit this category, see our newsletter for just a few! Try searching the library catalog for your hobby. Add the word “fiction” if you prefer fiction titles.

FRC: A Book Set in the Fall

#2: A book set in the Fall
This year’s Fall Reading Challenge has officially begun! Each week, this newsletter will take a look at one category, and offer suggestions and web links with more choices! This week, we’ll start fall off with a look at books set during the fall, category #2. Fall offers a great setting for books. It encompasses the start of school, Halloween and Thanksgiving! Books for this category don’t need to take place entirely during the fall.

For a few suggestions, click here.

For more about the Fall Reading Challenge, and the full list of categories, click here.

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