KIDS! How big is big? June 7

Have you ever looked at the numbers astronomers use to measure distance and time with and tried to imagine what those numbers look like? It is nearly impossible and that is why we use models to try to gain an appreciation for these numbers. During this presentation, we will explore the distances and sizes of planets and our Sun in our solar system. Participants will do hand-on activities to make models and finally pace out a ‘true’ scale model of our solar system to gain a better understanding of what it actually looks like. Jon Wallace will present this free program.

June 7 at 4PM

Somali Story Time May 26

Come listen to stories with your child at the Auburn Public Library. Enjoy some fruit and juice. Each family will receive a free book to take home.

Kaaleg Dhagayso sheekooyinka. Adi iyo caruurtaada Kibareeriga Auburn Kuraaxeseyso qudaar, Cabitaan. Qoys kasta waxuu hela doonaa burg bilaash ah uu gunga u quaato.

Thursday, May 26 at 10AM.

Author visit, May 12

Maine Author, Fran Hodgkin will discuss her children’s book, “The Secret Galaxy”. This program is suitable for all ages. This program is presented as part of the library’s NASA exhibit, From Our Town to Outer Space.

Marvels of Motion, April 30

We are delighted to have Mad Science of Maine present their Marvels of Motion Show. This is a forcibly fantastic show about Newton’s three laws of physics and other properties of the laws of motion and gravity! You will learn about all sorts of forces including gravity, centrifugal force, inertia and much more. Rotational forces, a rocket pack blast off, electromagnetic propulsion, and our exclusive Newton’s rocket car are just a few action-packed experiments we will investigate. This engaging physics performance is sure to please everyone and inspire more imaginative learning in all of our audience members!

April 30 at 1PM.

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