Peggy by Anna Walker

Peggy by Anna Walker
When a serendipitous wind sweeps up Miss Peggy, an unassuming hen, and relocates her to a big city, a wild adventure is sure to ensue! Kids and adults will love the quirky fun that Peggy experiences as she tries to find her way home. The soft paintings depicting city life and Peggy’s excursion showcase smile-provoking experiences such as shoe shopping, popcorn eating and nesting in a furniture store! This book encourages the readers to chat about travel and tourism, chance, safety and resourcefulness. Appropriate for children in preschool.

A Piece of Cake by LeUyen Pham

A Piece of Cake by LeUyen Pham
cakeSimilar to the classic Golden Books, kids and adults alike will appreciate this new spin on a classic “mouse tale” with its bright colors and warm expressions personified in these charming animals.  Pham’s easily identifiable story elements and  illustrations not only support Common Core State Standards but also serve as  a resource to demonstrate character qualities such as bigheartedness, creativity, and innovation. Appropriate for children ages 4+

Watch the Sky by Kirsten Hubbard

Watch the Sky by Kirsten Hubbard
watchJory is fairly well adjusted for the company he keeps. His stepfather, Caleb has strict rules to which he adheres and prophesizes that because the end is coming, you must be prepared and therefore NEED to constantly look for the signs. Jory’s escape route from this reality is via school and his friends. Unfortunately, Caleb announces to Jory’s family that the time has arrived and final measures need to be made. Find out what the family is preparing for, what the danger is, what Caleb’s plans are, and what choices Jory makes in this page-turner! Appropriate for kids ages 8+

Country: a Novel by Danielle Steel.

Country: a Novel by Danielle Steel. Stephanie Adams is a stay-at-home mother countrystuck in a loveless marriage for the sake of the children. Suddenly, at the early age of 52, her husband dies, and she is forced to move on with her life as she juggles loneliness and her children’s grief. On a chance road trip her life changes when she meets country music star Chase Taylor and
their mutual attraction opens up a whole new world.

Inspector of the Dead by David Morrell

Inspector of the Dead by David Morrell. The year is 1855 and deadas the Crimean war rages the British losses cause the fall of the government. As the Empire teeters , along comes one of the most idiosyncratic personalities of Victorian England, opium-eater Thomas De Quincy, tracking a killer targeting prominent Londoners. De Quincey comes to the conclusion that the ultimate victim will be Victoria herself.

The President’s Shadow by Brad Meltzer

The President’s Shadow by Brad Meltzer.  It appears
presidentthat Ward Beecher has an ordinary job working with the National Archives but he has a much more important mission. He is a member of the Culper Ring, a secret society formed by George Washington. The current President needs the Culper Ring’s
help after a severed arm is discovered buried in the White House Rose Garden. The trail leads Beecher to one of  our
country’s greatest secrets.

In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume.

 In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume.
  It is 1987
unlikelyand Miri Ammerman has returned to her home town of
Elizabeth, New Jersey to commemorate the worst year of her life. In 1952, thirty five years earlier when she was fifteen and in love for the first time,  a succession of plane crashes devastated her community. Blume paints a vivid portrait of the early 50’s: its love and friendships, its fads and music, A-Bomb hysteria and rumors of the communist threat. Blume uses actual events that she experienced to remind us that from one generation to another life goes on.

The Precipice: a novel by Paul Doiron.

The Precipice: a novel by Paul Doiron. Maine Game Warden precipiceMike Bowditch joins the desperate search for two female hikers who have disappeared on a
remote stretch of the Appalachian Trail. Eventually two corpses are found, their bones picked clean by increasingly aggressive coyotes. Soon Maine is panicked by the fear of killer coyotes but Mike’s girlfriend wildlife biologist Stacey Stevens insists that the scavengers are being wrongly blamed. She believes that there is a two legged murderer loose and when Stacey disappears the search turns personal.

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