Comets, Meteorites and Asteroids, February 16

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and seen a shooting star or comet or watched a movie like “Armageddon”? During this presentation, we’ll find out about these objects and how we use them to learn about other planets, comets, and asteroids. Comets, meteorites and asteroids are the only direct examples of material from outside our planet. We’ll look at a number of different types of meteorites and examine examples from asteroids, Mars, and the Moon and learn what they tell us about our solar system. We’ll also look at what can happen to Earth when one of these objects hits our planet. In the end, we’ll talk about how to start a collection of meteorites and get you started with a free specimen (while supplies last).  Presented by Jon Wallace.

February 16, 2-3PM.

Snow date; Friday 2/19 at 2pm