Fall Reading Challenge 2019

This fall, our Reading Challenge is to read a variety of books and create a tapestry of reading! Pick up a flyer in the library for the list of twenty categories and the full rules. Read books that fill the categories between September 21 and December 14. Turn in your reading log to enter a drawing for a fabulous prize! You do not need to read all of the categories to enter!

Check back here for suggestions as we add titles for a category or two each week, sign up here for weeky emails (choose Fall Reading Challenge) or stop by the library and we will be happy to help!

GRAND PRIZE:  All readers who complete all 16 categories will be entered into a drawing for four new books of your choice! (some restrictions apply)

FIRST PRIZE: All entries with at least five categories filled will be entered into a drawing for the first prize, three new books of your choice! (some restrictions apply)

PLUS, a bonus special prize for the reader who finds and reads a book that fills the most categories.

This Year’s Categories:

  1. A book about a hobby or craft
  2. A book set during the fall
  3. A book about someone with a superpower
  4. A book seen in a movie or tv show
  5. A book made into a movie
  6. A book set in South America or by a South American author.
  7. A retelling of a classic
  8. A book that involves a quest or journey
  9. A book written by a Native American author
  10. A book featuring a cat
  11. A book with a place in the title
  12. A romance
  13. A book that’s won an award
  14. A book set in the state in which you were born
  15. A book set before 1600
  16. A book set in space
  17. A book that’s been translated
  18. A classic you’ve been meaning to read
  19. A book recommended by a celebrity
  20. A memoir