FRC: A Book that Scares You

This category is a book that scares YOU, and that could be different for each reader! Below are some links to scary books, but other scary books could include nonfiction books about scary people or horrifying events. Within fiction there is a wide range available from the gothic ghost story to horror fiction. This time of year it is easy to find lists of scary books (and not so scary for people like me!). The consensus seems to be that Stephen King’s It is the scariest of all. 


My selection

I recently read the latest in the Atrocity Archives, a series by Charles Stross. The series is a cross between Office Space and Lovecraft as British bureaucrats battle eldritch horrors and requisition paper clips. The latest, the Nightmare Stacks, featured aliens so creepy I was rooting for the vampire. And, yes, I did have nightmares.