FRC: A Book with Magic

Books with magic have proliferated in recent years, with the popularity of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and other fantasy series. In many traditional or urban fantasy books, magic (and who controls it) may be the focal point of the book. In other books, magic may appear as a small element. For example, magical realism is a genre that uses elements of magic to give a deeper understanding of reality. Other books may introduce the possibility of magic, but leave any answers ambiguous.


50 Excellent Fabulist Books Everyone Should Read from Flavorwire. Some good choices for literary fiction readers looking for just a bit of magic. The site describes these books as “50 excellent novels and short story collections by fabulists, fantasists, and fairy-tale-tellers, literary books that incorporate the irreal, the surreal, and the supernatural, which have no unironic dragons, very few (if any) self-serious necromancers, but lots of delightful, magical, humane, real-as-all-get-out storytelling”.

11 Magical Books to Read If You Love ‘Harry Potter’ from BookBub. Many lists offer Harry Potter read alikes for kids or teens. This list focuses on adult titles.

30 Best Fantasy Series from Paste. Many expected titles, with a few surprises.

My Selection:

I am listening to an audiobook of “The Invisible Library”. The idea is of a library that serves as a hub to many alternate worlds, with librarians visiting worlds to obtain copies of important books (fiction, since it is the imagination that varies from world to world). I’m nearly done, and enjoying it. It’s a little urban fantasy, and a little steampunk, and a little Sherlock Holmes, but somehow it all works.