FRC: A Graphic Novel

In the library (and thus for the challenge) we use the term graphic novel loosely to indicate books that tell a story through sequential art. It could be a self contained story, a memoir, an installment in story of a superhero, or even a collection of strips. Frequent readers may have a favorite genre, author or artist. For those new to graphic novels the wide of variety of choices may be surprising!

A few of my own recommendations:

  • Fantasy series: The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman; Y the Last Man; Locke and Key by Joe Hill, The Walking Dead, Saga.
  • Memoirs: Fun Home; Persepolis; Can’t we Talk about Something More Pleasant, Rosalie Lightning.
  • History: March; Maus
  • Strips: Step aside, Pops!
  • Artsy and stunning: Here (with few words, shows the history of a single place over thousands of years).

Some web links to offer more choices: