FRC: Nonfiction History

This is a very large category! We have a few aisles of history books, and history takes up four of the twenty six letters in the Library of Congress cataloging system. Where to start?


My Selection:

Although I had an unfinished history of the French Revolution (Citizens) on my shelf, I found the 600+ pages left to read daunting. Browsing on the new book display, I came away with two choices:

What I read:

Sadly, I am falling ever further behind. I did listen to the audiobook of Ta-Nahisi Coates’ Between the World and Me. I wouldn’t count it as history but it did make me cry. So, I will have that category done when I get to it! To anyone who has not read this book, I highly recommend the audiobook, read by the author.

Next up: Read a book recommended by a librarian.