Disaster Profiteers

Disaster Profiteers

By: John C. Mutter

In Disaster Profiteers, John C. Mutter writes about a hidden tragedy that accompanies natural disasters.  This tragedy does not happen during the disasters themselves or within the weeks following the disasters.  The tragedy happens after the aid workers leave, and after the hype has died down.  That is when the elite intervene and keep the survivors impoverished.

The Orpheus Clock

The Orpheus Clock

By: Simon Goodman

Simon Goodman’s grandparents came from German-Jewish banking dynasties and perished in concentration camps.  It was only recently, after the death of his father, that Goodman discovered a long-hidden family interest: world-class art.  In The Orpheus Clock, Goodman documents his quest to recover old works of art that the Nazis stole from his family years ago.

Author visit: Lizzie Borden on Trial

“Joseph A. Conforti brings to life the Gilded Age of Fall River in this engaging portrait of Lizzie Borden’s world. Gracefully written and with detailed attention to conflicts of class, ethnicity, and gender, Conforti’s nuanced analysis sheds new light on an old murder.” Elizabeth De Wolfe, University of New England, prize-winning author of “The Murder of Mary Bean and Other Stories”

Conforti will talk about the infamous murder and his research which brings new light to the one of New England’s oldest cases. He will have books available for purchase and will sign copies if requested.

The Fellowship of the Ring by J. R. R. Tolkien

A book review by Faith Thompson


The deadly Ringwraiths are searching for a hobbit — Frodo Baggins. They want what he carries: The Ring of Power, which will enable the Dark Lord Sauron, its creator, to reclaim his rule. If Sauron recovers his Ring, all will be lost.

Battling Orcs, greedy men, and the Wraiths themselves — and aided by his gardener Sam, a wizard named Gandalf, and a mysterious Ranger named Aragorn — Frodo makes his painfully slow way across Middle-earth to Mordor, Sauron’s kingdom.  This is the only place where the Ring can be destroyed. Its seduction is so great that no one can wield it. All Frodo can hope for is the Ring’s destruction.


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