Learn to play chess starts Nov. 16

Sharpen your mind and enjoy one of the oldest games of strategy by taking part in a chess for beginners program at the Auburn Public Library. Chess instructor, Kenneth Cox, will start the chess class for beginners on November 16th at 4 p.m.  The class will meet every Thursday after with each class also starting at 4 pm.

If you have an interest in the game and have never played before or want to go through a review of the basics, this is the class for you. The class will start with the chess board set-up and then how the Pawns and King moves. In future sessions, participants will learn how to move all the pieces and discuss the strategic concepts of chess. In addition, participants will learn what “checkmate” actually means and how to develop the checkmate positions.

Participants should bring along a pencil and paper if they want to take notes. If they have a chess set to bring along that would be helpful but is not required. The program is open to teens and adults who are beginner players.