Radio Astronomy

Are you aware that most of what we know about the universe was learned using radio telescopes? Radio telescopes are defined as an instrument consisting of an antenna or system of antennas connected to one or more radio receivers to detect and analyze radio waves from space.  In this engaging presentation, we will explore the uses that astronomers are making of radio astronomy and the advantages of radio versus optical observing. Since radio picks up lower energy (lower temperature) objects than optical astronomy, we can use radio telescopes to look at very different objects. A demonstration radio telescope will be used before and/or after the presentation to give a hands-on experience to participants.

May 23 at 6PM.

This program is offered in conjunction with the NASA exhibit, From Our Town to Outer Space.

The exhibit will remain in the library until July 8. We have many related events scheduled, click here to see the list.

More information on the exhibit here.