Clean Getaway – Maddy – Staff Review

Clean Getaway by Nic Stone

11 year old Scoob was looking forward to his Spring break trip until it got cancelled because of some trouble at school, which he thinks is totally unfair because it wasn’t his fault. So when his grandma (G’ma as he calls her) shows up in an RV inviting him on a cross-country road trip, he grabs his suitcase, leaves his phone and hops in. But as Scoob soon finds out, this isn’t a conventional road-trip. Using G’ma’s trusted greenbook, the two trek across the southern states and Scoob learns that the South hasn’t always been kind and welcoming to people with his skin color and that not everything is as it seems, including his G’ma.

Clean Getaway is a fun middle grade book about a road-trip adventure that also touches upon heavier subjects like segregation and the Civil Rights movement. 

4 stars