The Book of Longings- Haley – Staff Review

The Book of Longings by by Sue Monk Kidd

The Book of Longings follows the life of Ana, the fictional wife of Jesus, as she matures from a young girl living in her father’s home, into womanhood.

Ana, longing for a life worth meaning, is something I think everyone can relate to. Her journey introduces the reader to many endearing characters such as her brother Judas, her Aunt Yaltha, and best friend Tabitha. Ana yearns a life filled with more than just the role required of woman during that time. Her desire to make an impact, in her own way, is parallel to the desire of her husband, Jesus, and his passion to spread the love of God. In this novel Jesus is written as just a man, a carpenter by trade and a follower of John the Baptist.

This book is a breathing taking work of fiction and I relished getting to know the author’s interpretation of these biblical characters. Do not read if you are looking for accuracy with the historical or theological details.

5 stars