The Art of Cartooning workshop, Oct. 13

Cartoonist Mike Jordan, of Big Red A Press, will be at the Library on October 13th at 6:30 pm to lead a hands-on workshop called the “The Art of Cartooning.” This is a new addition  to “No Laughing Matter: The Pulitzer Prize and the Art of Editorial Cartooning,” a lecture and workshop series on editorial cartooning.

Jordan will give a short talk on sequential art and the changes in dynamics between a one panel strip, a three panel strip and beyond.  Attendees will then create a three panel strip by committee with Jordan’s guidance.

Mike Jordan was born in Lewiston. By the age of seven, he had created his own “funny” book, a MAD MAGAZINE rip-off which lampooned his favorite comics, movies, and television programs.  By high school he had begun creating longer, more complicated comics, based no longer on movies and TV, but mostly on his friends and schoolmates.  The next several years saw the inception of “THE MIDNIGHT ANGELS” and “IRON IAN” and the involvement in two different ground-floor comics.  Jordan publishes much of his work on-line.

The library events are supported by Maine Humanities Council and the Pulitzer Prize Centennial Campfires Initiative, through a special grant category for Maine-based organizations seeking to use Pulitzer Prize-winning writing, journalism, photography, drama, or music composition in their 2016 programming.