The Great Penguin Rescue – Maddy – Staff Review

The Great Penguin Rescue: 40,000 Penguins, a Devastating Oil spill and the Inspiring Story of the World’s Largest Animal Rescue by Dyan deNapoli

Dyan worked at the Boston Aquarium as a penguin specialist, but when a call for help came from Cape Town, South Africa for help rescuing oiled penguins, she and her coworker, flew down as fast as they could. Joined by penguin specialists from around the world and hundreds of volunteers, she and others worked tirelessly to rescue, clean, rehabilitate and release thousands of penguins who were oiled in when the ship Treasure sank. After months of hard work and long days, all the penguins were released back into the wild with minimal losses. This experience is unfortunately all too common and as a result, more and more penguin species are becoming endangered.

Both heartwarming and saddening at times, Dyan’s story tells readers about what it really takes to work with and clean oiled-slicked penguins (spoiler-alert: its a lot harder than you think) and educates readers about the ever-increasing occurrences of oil-spills. This was both an enjoyable and educational read for anyone who likes penguins. As a bonus, it counts towards the South African region of the reading challenge.

3 Stars