Time is of the Essence

Technology has at times throughout history made life easier even before Apple was a computer and a Mac was more than a McDonald’s meal. I woke up this morning, guzzled my two cups of coffee, fed our two obese dogs and headed to the barn to feed our pet ducks. Once the ducks were fed, I came back in from the barn and immediately checked the family calendar which is really filled with just the kids events and assigned times for Mom and Dad to shuttle them from practice fields to dance studios.
My day started and off I went. The constant in the day was that I always needed to be aware of what time it was. Some of the most simple technology advances, such as the creation of a time system, are truly a blessing. Whether we check the time on our smart phone, car radio, or an old fashioned watch it is the creation of time that makes life easier. Imagine if we had to tell our kids we would pick them up from the lacrosse game when the sun was 10 degrees in the eastern sky or try making a dentist appointment based on the sun’s position. The story of time is really worth, well, our time. If you want to know how come 1 pm is 1 pm, check out some these books at the Auburn Public Library.

The calendar : history, lore, and legend 

The book of time : the secrets of time, how it works and how we measure it

From sundials to atomic clocks : understanding time and frequency

Einstein’s cosmos : how Albert Einstein’s vision transformed our understanding of space and time

A grand complication : the race to build the world’s most legendary watch