Toddler Reads

Board Book:

Hudson, Cheryl.  Hands can.  JUV Board Book

Schindel, John.  Busy barnyard.  JUV Board Book

Schindel, John.  Busy kitties.  JUV Board Book

Picture Book:

Bornstein, Ruth.  Little gorilla.  JUV Bornstein, R.  Li  1976

Campbell , Rod.  Dear zoo.  JUV Campbell, R.  De  1983

Carle, Eric.  The very busy spider.  JUV Carle, E.  Vc  1984

Cowell, Cressida.  What shall we do with the boo-hoo baby?  JUV Cowell, C.  Wh  2000

Dale, Elizabeth .  How long?  JUV Dale, E.  Ho 1998

Fleming, Denise.  Mama cat has three kittens.  JUV Fleming, D.  Mam  1998

Foley, Greg.  Thank you Bear.  JUV Foley, G.  Tha  2007

Ginsburg, Mirra.  Good morning, chick.  JUV Ginsburg, M.  Go  1980

McQuinn, Anna.  Lola at the library.  JUV McQuinn, A.  2006

Miller, Virginia.  Be gentle!  JUV Miller, V.  Be  1997

Nodset, Joan.  Who took the farmer’s [hat]?  JUV Nodset, J.  Wh  1963

Numeroff, Laura.  If you give a mouse a cookie.  JUV Numeroff, L.  If  1985

Potter, Beatrix.  The tale of Peter Rabbit.  JUV Potter, B.  Tap  1995

Shaw, Charles.  It looked like split milk.  JUV Shaw, C.  It  1947

Shaw, Nancy .  Sheep in a jeep.  JUV Shaw, N.  Sh  1986

Simmons, Jane.  Come along, Daisy!  JUV Simmons, J.  Co  1998

Tafuri, Nancy.  Five little chicks.  JUV Tafuri, N.  Fi  2006

Tafuri, Nancy.  Have you seen my duckling?  JUV Tafuri, N.  Hav  1984

Walsh, Ellen Stoll.  Mouse paint.  JUV Walsh, E.  Mo  1989

Wood, Don.  The little mouse, the red ripe strawberry, and the big hungry bear.  JUV Wood, D  Li  1996


Baker, Liza.  I love you because you’re you.  JUV PZ 8.3 .B177  Iae  2001

Beaumont, Karen.  Move over, Rover.  JUV PZ 8.3 .B3845  Mov  2006

Butler, John.  Can you growl like a bear?  JUV PZ 8.3 .B9788  Cag  2007

Carlstrom, Nancy.  Jesse Bear, what will you wear?  JUV PZ 8.3 .C1948  Je  1986

Fatus, Sophie.  Here we go round the mulberry bush.  JUV PZ 8.3 .F2345  Her  2007

Hort, Lenny.  The seals on the bus.  JUV PZ 8.3 .H7875  Se  2000

Williams, Sue.  I went walking.  JUV PZ 8.3 .M1569  Iaw  1990

Shaw, Christine.  Wake up, sleepy bear!  JUV PZ 8.3  .M8378  2006

Seeger, Laurie.  First the egg.  JUV QH 491  .S43  2007

Walsh, Melanie.  Do monkeys tweet?  JUV QL 765  .W35  1997

February 2008