Zany Magestic Bard, 10/21


When it comes to Shakespeare, some people get downright gloomy. They rant on about how well-read you need to be to understand him. But use restraint in your yelping. You may not know that Shakespeare wrote for everyone from the well-bred to the uneducated; from the successful manager to the most foul mouthed kitchen wench. In other words, Shakespeare’s for you and the Zany, Majestic Bard will be at the Auburn Public Library to prove it.

The Zany, Majestic Bard is a one-hour performance created and performed by David Greenham.  This lively, fun, and educational performance will delight and surprise audiences of all ages. The program includes a history, a brief guide on how to read and understand Shakespeare, the opportunity to hear some Shakespeare, and plenty of good jokes.

David Greenham is the creator of several popular MHC programs, including the award-winning Taxing Maine and most recently, Maine At Work. He is an adjunct professor of drama at the University of Maine at Augusta, and spent 14 years as the producing artistic director of The Theater At Monmouth, the Shakespearean Theater of Maine.