A Galaxy of Reading

Star Wars Reads Day LogoStar Wars, Star Wars, everywhere you look lately you will see Jedi, Wookies, Stormtroopers, and Droids.  Our mouse eared friends over a Disney marketing are making absolutely sure we know that there is a new Star Wars movie coming out this year (December 18th 2015…in case you were wondering).  Not to be left out libraries across the country are going to once again celebrate Star Wars Read Day (October 10th 2015).  We here at APL thought well one day is great, but a whole week would be better!  So we are starting off our Star Wars read week on October 4th with a Star Wars Laser Tag event over at Family Time, Dine, and Play in the Auburn Mall (Formerly Jokers). So get in costume and come and join the fun and games.  You can’t go see the new movie without catching up on the current events in the star wars universe … right?  So don’t forget to check out your favorite star wars books / comics / movies from the library too. Enjoy the game, movies, and great reads about a galaxy far far away and as always May the force be with you.

Master Artist Marina Forbes to lead series of programs on African Art

Come to the Auburn Public Library and experience the Art of the African country of Ethiopia with award-winning artist and Master Artist Iconographer Marina Forbes in a mini-series of special programs made possible by the support of the Camden Conference.

On Friday, September 25, 2015 at 6:00pm Marina Forbes, will offer a unique interactive and beautifully illustrated presentation on the rich folk tradition of Ethiopian icon painting.

On Saturday, September 26 from 10 – 1 come Paint Your Own Traditional African Icon. The workshop is open to adults, teens and families with children 6 and up.  It is a great opportunity for adults and families to work together and learn about Ethiopian crafts and culture. Inspired by spectacular images of Ethiopian art, program participants will have a unique opportunity to use their creativity and imagination to produce their own authentic pieces of collectible folk art.
The goal of the workshop is to produce a finished piece of folk art. Throughout the workshop, students will be listening to traditional music. Paints and brushes will be provided. Students should purchase a pre-designed painting surface (there will be several options: free, $10 and $35).

Space is limited to thirty participants so please call 333-6640 Ext. 4 to reserve your space or use the on-line form on our calendar.

KIDS! Meet a Local Hero

Join us on Wednesday July 22nd at 10 am to meet Auburn Police Department Corporal Kris Bouchard and his canine partner, Dutch. Dutch is a pure-bred German Shepard and has been trained at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy along with his handler, Corporal Bouchard. They will give a demonstration of how he and Dutch work together to keep our community safe. Free. For more information, please call the library at 333-6640 ext.3

Mad Science of Maine to Kick off APL’s Summer Reading Program

The Auburn Public Library will kick of its 2015 summer reading program with a Mad Science Super Science Show on Monday evening , June 22nd at 6 pm in the Androscoggin Community Room.


If you are ready for some Super Science come join Mad Science of Maine  at the Auburn Public library as they demonstrate some of the coolest science super powers. Check out the Mad Science utility belt, using parabolic ears and laser modulators to show that the human powers of perception are greatly expanded by science. Witness spontaneous combustion and watch them balance a unique amount of metal objects on their lab coats. Unravel the conundrum of “Super Speed”.  Shoot a superhero out of a tube and witness what happens when the law of inertia is applied to this highly coveted super power! Learn the Super Strength of Non Newtonian Fluid, witness an unexpected object change color at random, and explore telepathic powers with a mad scientist.


This show is best for children 5 and older Come to the show and sign up for our summer reading program Free. For more information, please call the library at 333-6640 ext.3


Time is of the Essence

Technology has at times throughout history made life easier even before Apple was a computer and a Mac was more than a McDonald’s meal. I woke up this morning, guzzled my two cups of coffee, fed our two obese dogs and headed to the barn to feed our pet ducks. Once the ducks were fed, I came back in from the barn and immediately checked the family calendar which is really filled with just the kids events and assigned times for Mom and Dad to shuttle them from practice fields to dance studios.
My day started and off I went. The constant in the day was that I always needed to be aware of what time it was. Some of the most simple technology advances, such as the creation of a time system, are truly a blessing. Whether we check the time on our smart phone, car radio, or an old fashioned watch it is the creation of time that makes life easier. Imagine if we had to tell our kids we would pick them up from the lacrosse game when the sun was 10 degrees in the eastern sky or try making a dentist appointment based on the sun’s position. The story of time is really worth, well, our time. If you want to know how come 1 pm is 1 pm, check out some these books at the Auburn Public Library.

The calendar : history, lore, and legend 

The book of time : the secrets of time, how it works and how we measure it

From sundials to atomic clocks : understanding time and frequency

Einstein’s cosmos : how Albert Einstein’s vision transformed our understanding of space and time

A grand complication : the race to build the world’s most legendary watch