Teen Summer Reading Program Wrap Up!

Now that this summer’s teen reading program has come to a close, here is a recap of what went on here this summer, as well as the prize winners.

For this summer’s theme, “Get in the Game: READ!” we turned our attention to Mind & Body Wellness.  Our 8-week program kicked off on June 21st with a visit from triathlete Angela Bancroft.  Our schedule was jam packed with programs like the smoothie challenge, a Step Count Challenge, make your own zen garden, yoga and — of course — reading, including a book club!

In the smoothie challenge, teens formed teams of 2 and had to put together their best recipe using a liquid, at least 2 fruits and/or veggies, and had the option of adding healthful extras and spices or sweeteners.  Our winning team, Marcus Mitchell and Monique Market, went for chocolate — and lots of it — and each won a smoothie cookbook!

During the month of July, for the Step Count Challenge, teens were issued pedometers and kept track of their steps for the month.  Our winner, Mitchell Bean, logged a total of 398,272 steps during July. For his efforts, he won a $25 gift card to Olympia Sports.

Winning the prize for the most number of programs attended was Chris Cloutier.  Chris attended 20 programs and won a backpack filled with school supplies.

With 42 teens signed up to read with us this summer, there was lots of reading going on — with a total of 245 books read!  Our Pizza & Pages Book Club read and discussed 3 books with a common theme of the main character having to overcome setbacks to achieve in their sports of running, swimming and baseball.  Thanks to Center Street Dental, participants got to keep a copy of the book(s) they read, and our local Domino’s supplied the pizza for this book group!

Our top reader this summer was Lily Vincent, who read 30 books.  For her efforts, she won a book bundle of 6 popular young adult books.

Faith Thompson was the winner of this summer’s grand prize, a FitBit Charge, donated by Best Buy.

Congratulations and thanks to all who participated in the 2016 Teen Summer Reading Program.  Special thanks to our sponsors — Best Buy, Portland Sea Dogs, Center Street Dental, Top It Frozen Yogurt, Domino’s Pizza and Hannaford!

Believe it or not, we’ve already started thinking about the 2017 Teen Summer Reading Program. Next summer’s theme: “Build a Better World.”  If you’d like to help in the planning, contact Donna Wallace at the Reference Desk!




Heat by Mike Lupica

A book review by Faith Thompson


Michael is twelve years old and has no birth certificate to prove it. He has the best pitching arm anybody in the Little League has ever seen – which is why the rival coaches suspect that he is lying about his age and is actually much older.

Michael’s coach, downstairs neighbor, best friends, and brother Carlos all know that he isn’t lying. But with his dad dead, Michael has no way to prove his age and that may take him out of the game. Unless they can get his birth certificate from Cuba in time for the championship game. And he and Carlos are ready to try.


Find it in APL TEEN Fiction YA FIC Lupica, M.

The Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett

A book review by Faith Thompson


A witch cannot be born on chalk. And yet, here is Tiffany Aching, a nine-year-old girl who has read the entire dictionary and is very skilled with a frying pan, who wants to be a witch when she grows up. Just like she suspects her Granny Aching was.

When Tiffany’s younger brother Wentworth is kidnapped by the evil Fairy Queen, Tiffany teams up with the Wee Free Men, or pictsies — little blue men about six inches high who love to steal, fight, and drink — to get him back. She will have to battle nightmares, paintings, a jealous female pictsie, and an unwanted marriage, but in the end, success will depend on her common sense – and Granny Aching’s knowledge of sheep.


Find it in APL TEEN Fiction YA FIC Pratchett, T.

Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis

A book review by Faith Thompson


Bud knows he’s in trouble when he runs away from the foster family that was cruel to him. He’s out on his own in the streets of Great Depression, Michigan, an orphan whose only clue to finding his missing father is a poster his mother gave him before she died which advertises a famous band — Herman E. Calloway and the Dusky Devastators of the Depression!!!!!!

Bud searches out the band in hopes that Herman is his dad. He will have to battle vampires, hunger, wasps, and not being able to leave the town he’s in — but even he could never have expected the biggest opposition to be Herman E. Calloway himself!


Find it APL TEEN Fiction YA FIC Curtis, C.

The Last Princess by Galaxy Craze

A book review by Faith Thompson


Ever since the 19 Days, when the entire world was destroyed by a series of natural disasters, Great Britain has been scraping out a living under the royal Windsor family. Princess Eliza knows something is wrong, but even she wasn’t expecting the family’s annual ball to be attacked by an insane murderer and usurper named Cornelius Hollister- the same man who murdered her mother.

Eliza finds herself alone, an orphan whose brother and big sister are being held hostage by Hollister. She goes undercover to try to save them and discovers both Hollister’s army and a secret Resistance. Desperate to save her family, Eliza is falling in love with a young man named Wesley and trying to keep away from Hollister. But how long will a sixteen-year-old girl last as the most wanted person in the world?


Find it in APL  TEEN Fiction YA FIC Craze, G.

Curveball: The Year I Lost my Grip by Jordan Sonnenblick

A book review by Faith Thompson


Peter has always had a great life. His family is close, especially he and his grandfather. He’s learning photography, and he and his best friend AJ are the star pitchers of their baseball team. Nothing’s wrong for Pete!

But then a pitching accident takes away baseball — permanently. Pete has no choice but to join his school’s Advanced Photography club. Here he meets a girl named Angelika, who seems to understand him really well. But just when things are starting to get better, Pete begins to notice weird stuff going on with his grandfather.  And there’s nothing he can do about it.


Find it in APL TEEN Fiction YA FIC Sonnenblick, J.

Girl, Stolen by April Henry

A book review by Faith Thompson


Cheyenne was just going to stay in the back of the car while her stepmom ran into the drugstore to pick up a prescription for Cheyenne’s pneumonia. Cheyenne is blind and left her guide dog at home, which turns out to be a mistake — a big mistake.

Griffin is the son of a car thief and a criminal. When he sees a Cadillac sitting running in the parking lot with no one in it, he can’t resist. What he doesn’t realize is that the daughter of Nike’s president is in the back of the car.

Cheyenne finds herself being held prisoner, desperately sick and desperate to escape. And for the first time, Griffin is caring for someone other than himself. But will that be enough to get Cheyenne out before it’s too late?


Find it in APL TEEN Fiction YA FIC Henry, A.

Get in the Game: READ! 2016 Teen Summer Reading Program

Teens!  Join us this summer for “Mind & Body Wellness.”  We kick off our program on Tuesday, June 21, at 4 p.m.  Iron man competitor Angela Bancroft will be with us to share her story in “My Spirit for Sport.”  At this event, sign up for the Summer Reading Program and enter to win the Grand Prize!  Teens unable to attend this event may sign up anytime after June 21st at the Reference Desk on the 2nd floor.

This summer’s program begins on June 21st and ends on August 12th.  All books must be read during this 8-week period.  Teens will keep a reading log.  Every 5 books read (1 graphic novel per 5) wins a prize, up to 15 books.  Keep reading to be eligible to win the Top Reader prize.  Reading logs should be turned in at the Reference Desk, and we will only accept one reading log per week, per reader.

We have put together some great programs within this year’s theme, including yoga, a smoothie-making competition, journaling, gaming, movies, zen gardens and more!  Special programs this summer will include the Pizza & Pages Book Club and the Step Count Challenge.  New this year — a prize for program attendance!  For more details on all of our summer programs, visit our Calendar of Events.  (Click on Events at the top of this page — all teen programs appear in green.)

The next time you’re in the Library, be sure to pick up a brochure, and we look forward to seeing you on June 21st!

The Teen Summer Reading Program is just for teens, ages 12-18.



The Leveler by Julia Durango

A book review by Faith Thompson


In a world where the primary entertainment is a virtual reality called the MEEP, where you can go into the video game itself as an avatar, Nixy Bauer is a successful bounty hunter who returns kids to the real world if they go over the legal time limit of four hours. When she is called on her hardest case yet — returning the game developer’s son, Wyn, from the virtual world where he’s hiding — she accepts happily.

But this is not just a game, and Wyn is not hiding. Someone is holding him prisoner and is determined that no one will get him out. Nixy faces the biggest challenge of her career, but she was never prepared to fall head over heels for the guy who got her into this mess in the first place!


Find it in APL TEEN Fiction YA FIC Durango, J.

The Song of the Quarkbeast by Jasper Fforde (The Chronicles of Kazam, book 2)

A book review by Faith Thompson


Jennifer Strange thought her troubles were over when she killed the dragon and Big Magic showed up to fix it. But now she and her handful of insane wizards at Kazam are locked in a power-struggle with their rival magic company, iMagic, and preparing for a competition — rebuilding the bridge in the city entirely by magic.

When their most reliable sorcerers begin to be arrested and the Amazing Blix takes over the position of Court Mystician, Jennifer suspects foul play. It will take a Quarkbeast, a mysterious woman named the Once Powerful Boo, a missing ring, the Transient Moose, and Jennifer’s sort-of boyfriend Perkins to fix this mess — and the bridge.


Find it in APL TEEN Fiction YA FIC Fforde, J.

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