Poetry Reading with Lynne Schmidt, April 29

Join poet Lynne Schmidt as she reads from her award-winning collection, Dead Dog Poems, which explores the loss of a canine soul mate.  The journey will take the listener through the happy, the terminal diagnosis, eventual death, and the aftermath of grief after such a loss.  After the reading, there will be time for Q and A, as well as reflection for anyone who would like to share about their beloved companions.

This program will take place virtually, via Zoom.  To register, contact the Reference Desk at 207-333-6640, ext. 4, and make sure to give your email address when registering.  Participants will be emailed a Zoom link on the day of the program.

For information on this or other upcoming adult programs, contact the Reference Desk as above, or email dwallace@auburnpubliclibrary.org.

April 29, Online via Zoom- Call reference department to register

Book Discussion Feb. 24 (Zoom)

In honor of Black History Month, we will be reading “Between the World and Me” by Ta-Nehisi Coates.  The discussion of our reading will take place on this date (Feb. 24, 4-5:30), via Zoom.

This memoir, written as a series of letters to the author’s teenage son, takes us through the author’s life, wherein he “confronts the notion of race in America and how it has shaped American history, many times at the cost of black bodies and lives.”  (School Library Journal)  It is direct, powerful, poignant, insightful and — most of all — an essential read for today.

Lending his expertise to this discussion will be James Ford, Family and Community Support Coordinator for the Lewiston Public Schools.  James writes, “I am a Black male who can trace my lineage to the middle passage and an owner of land in Georgia where my ancestors were once slaves. I have lived in Maine for 40 years and I have dealt with many layers of Affirmative Action, discrimination, racism, segregation and implicit bias. I have been doing work on race, or the subject of race all of my life. I love working in the Lewiston Auburn region, its diversity and its willingness to shift behaviors to work with the current student population. I see my role as helping to facilitate that shift…finding ways to bring the schools closer to the community. Let’s open our doors to our parents, businesses and our neighbors.”

A copy of the book will be provided to the first six (6) who sign up for this discussion group.  

FMI or to register, contact Donna at 207-333-6640, ext. 4 or dwallace@auburnpubliclibrary.org.Attachments area

Blind Date with a Bundle of Books

For Valentine’s Day we’re doing our Blind Date with a book a little differently this year. Filling out the form linked below, let us know what your looking for in a book. We’ll put together a bundle of 2 or 3 books for you to take out through our curbside service. If you’re still on a romance kick (thanks Bridgerton) then we’ll put together a bundle with that in mind. But for those of you who are a bit over romance this year, we can also put a book bundle together with mysteries and thrillers that will get your heart pumping for a whole other reason.

A Blind Date with a Book Form

With the information you give us we’ll contact you (phone/email) when your bundle is ready for pick up.

New Year New You Virtual Programs

*Virtual Slow Flow Yoga*

*Tuesdays — January 5, 12, 19, 26; February 2, 9 — 4:30-5:30 p.m.*

Take some time to slow down and dive deeper into the poses, while gaining
strength, flexibility, and core balance. Use the power of your breath and
intention to slowly move through your practice with intention and
introspection in this vinyasa style class. This is a moderately challenging
class where pose variations will be offered to help everyone find their
unique level of success. Have a yoga mat, a yoga block or two, and wear
comfortable clothes that will allow you to move well. Take some time for
yourself to move and breathe with grace, poise, and ease.   Learn more
about our instructor, Tisha Bremner at  www.InnerLightYogaOfMaine.com

*Meditating on the Wisdom of Nature*

*Wednesday — January 13 — 4:30-5:30 p.m.*

With a nature-based meditation practice, we can train our minds to become
less reactive and more at peace. Nature has much to teach us about daily
living when we are quiet enough to hear. From the plant and animal life to
the natural landscape, nature-based meditation offers many lessons that can
enhance our emotional and physical wellbeing. Join Martin Gagnon, a
certified Meditation and Mindfulness instructor, as he leads a meditation
session on January 13th at 4:30 pm. The session will begin with a brief
lecture on meditation and why it works to reduce stress and increase
calmness. No meditation experience is necessary.  For more information
about services Gagnon provides, go to www.mellowmainermeditation.com.

*Ten Tips Nutrition Workshop:  Eating Better on a Budget*

*Wednesdays — January 20 & 27 — 4:30-5:30 p.m.*

Want to learn how to prepare healthy foods on a limited budget?  This free,
2-class series, presented by Healthy Androscoggin will give you the skills
to shop, cook and eat healthier foods while staying within your food
budget.  All participants will receive a colorful cookbook with 24 healthy,
low-cost recipes and nutrition tips.  For today’s class, following the
lesson, there will be a recipe video demonstration.  Those who sign up –
and are near enough to do so — will be able to pick up a kit at the
library which will contain all of the ingredients to make the recipe at
home following the class.

All of these programs will take place virtually, via Zoom.  Please call the
Auburn Public Library Reference Desk at 207-333-6640, ext. 4, to register or for more information.Those who register will be sent a Zoom link on the day of the event to join
the program.

It’s a Wonderful Lecture, online, Dec. 7

Lecturer and motivational speaker Dustin Pari has done it again! It’s a Wonderful Lecture is a presentation that has truly resonated on a deep level with so many. Taking a look at the beloved classic It’s a Wonderful Life, Dustin uses quotes, scenes, and characters from the movie as he weaves a tale of commonality and humanity that brings us all together in love, kindness, and harmony. Hear the tale and feel the struggle of George Bailey, because his issues are our issues. We all walk through this human experience together, feeling the ripple of the lives of those around us.

Dustin recently presented “Halloween: A Haunted History” for us, which was very well received.  For more information on Dustin, visit his website at www.DustinPari.com.

Please call the Auburn Public Library Reference Desk at 207-333-6640, ext. 4, to register for this online event.  Those who register will be sent a Zoom link on the day of the event to join the program.

Monday, December 7, 7-8PM.

Spring Reading Challenge

We are moving our Spring Reading Challenge online! Read around the world with us and enjoy some armchair travel. We have some goodies (including a map to track your travel) to give out once we reopen!

Let the Adventure Begin!

Our Spring Reading Challenge is a virtual trip around the world.

We’ve divided the world into 21 regions, and invite you to travel the world by reading a book for each, OR by spending an hour learning a language spoken in that region, using the online program Mango (a free
program offered by the library). 

As you travel, use the dots to indicate each country you have visited. Once you’ve visited 7 or more regions, stop by the library for a free gift (while supplies last).

How to get to Mango: Go to the Auburn Public Library website. Scroll down until you see the Mango logo on the home page. It’s under the Quick Link section just below digital main library logo.

Once there, sign in as a guest using the barcode number on your library card.

The booklets will give you examples of both fiction and nonfiction books for each region, but you are not limited to these books.

Let us know if we can help!

A Look Back Book Group, March 27

A new book group about old times! We will be reading mostly historical fiction. We meet the final Friday of the month at noon.

March 27: Angle of repose / Wallace Stegner.

The poetic title is actually a geological term for the slope at which rocks cease to roll and is used here as a symbol of  human life. Time is the protagonist and a tragically crippled but talented man, himself past middle age, explores through his grandmother’s drawings, letters, and publications her life with her engineer husband in his struggle to use his talents in a time not quite ready for him. It is also an objective yet affectionate look at a long-ago love and failure of  love which the protagonist associates with his own love and its tragedy. Stegner’s integrity of  vision is evident again in his respect for the victories and failures that surround the search for a vision. ((Booklist, Reviewed June 1, 1971))

Date:Friday Mar 27, 2020

Time:12:00 PM  –  1:00 PM

Location:Local History Room

Author Matthew Cost and the Cuban Revolution, March 10

The Auburn Public Library welcomes historical fiction novelist Matthew Cost to share from his newest release, I Am Cuba: Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution. This free event will take place on March 10th at 1 pm in the Androscoggin Community Room.

The revolution began in 1953 with a botched insurrection in Santiago, Cuba. Fidel was captured and put on trial where he defended himself, finishing with the now immortal words: “Condemn me. It does not matter. History will absolve me.”Fidel was imprisoned, granted amnesty, exiled to Mexico, and then led an invasion of Cuba with 81 revolutionaries aboard a pleasure yacht called the Granma. Only 18 men survived. How did Fidel build this small band of guerillas into an army that would sweep to power in Cuba? Who was the rifle-toting woman who became Fidel’s most trusted advisor as well as his lover?

These questions and more are answered in the thrilling I Am Cuba, which is a historically accurate novel detailing society, politics, war, and love in Cuba in the 1950s.

Cost’s presentation includes images from the Cuban Revolution of 1953 to 1959 detailing the events. He will talk about his research and writing process, and share short readings from his novel.

Date:Tuesday Mar 10, 2020

Time:1:00 PM  –  2:00 PM

Location:Androscoggin Community Room

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