Art in the Park, June 18

APL @ Auburn’s Art in the Park Saturday, June 18th 

Did you know APL is a sponsor of Auburn’s Art in the Park? Stop by our booth at Festival Plaza on Saturday, June 18th any time between 10:00 – 3:00! We will have kids crafts throughout the day.

This year Art in the Park has joined the many festivities of the Lewiston Auburn RiverFest! To learn more about what is happening during RiverFest weekend, visit the website:

MOVED TO LIBRARY: 2022 Summer Reading Program Kickoff, June 27

Join Children’s, Teen, and Adult Services Librarians at in the Androscoggin Community Room at the Auburn Public Library as they kick off their 2022 Summer Reading Program, “Oceans of Possibilities.”  Details of upcoming summer programs will be available, along with music by local musician Justin Carver.  Top It Fro Yo’s mobile cart will be on hand too, and vouchers will be available to the first 100 attendees for a free cup of frozen yogurt!  Lewiston Public Library will join us, as will several community partners, including the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society, Healthy Androscoggin, the Auburn PAL Center, New Beginnings, and Androscoggin Land Trust.

We hope you can attend!  (This program has been moved from Festival Plaza to the Library due to weather conditions)


Monday Jun 27, 2022


6:00 PM  –  7:00 PM

Snow Like Ashes – Staff Review – Isabella

Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch (CloudLibrary)

Snow Like Ashes follows Meira, an orphan girl from the conquered kingdom of Winter. Meria is one of only eight (free) surviving Winterians following the subjugation of Winter and the enslavement of the remaining citizens. Much of Meria’s life consists of training to be a mighty knight in the hope of one day recapturing Winter, but when scouts from another country find Meria’s camp her world is thrown into chaos. I greatly enjoyed this book and the two succeeding novels in the trilogy. The eight countries emulating seasons and sound were written in vivid detail which I found very entertaining. The characters, as well as the different countries, were unique and compelling in their own ways. Overall, Snow Like Ashes was a very fun read that was hard to put down. 

5 stars

Jane Eyre – Staff Review – Isabella

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë (Request)(CloudLibrary)

Jane Eyre is a classic for a reason. With its beautiful prose and girl-power undertones, Jane Eyre never ceases to be relevant and entertaining. The woman who gives the book its namesake, Jane Eyre, is an orphan who grows up unloved by her wealthy adoptee family. Jane is sent off to an all-girls school by her family where her love for learning and first true friendships ignite. After school, Jane gets a job as a governess at the mysterious and cold estate of Mr. Rochester. Jane finds love while working there, but one little secret may turn everything upside down. Throughout the many hardships Jane faces in her life, she never ceases to use her wit, intelligence, and strength to keep moving; she finds her independence and learns that she can make it on her own. Jane Eyre is an inspiration for all with her ability to speak out against those with more power than her and become independent in an era when women regularly could not. This book is an incredible one, with twists, turns, darkness, and mysteries not found in many female novels of the time. I love this book and would recommend it to anyone looking for an entertaining read with spooky and girl-power undertones.

5 stars

City on Fire – Staff Review – Haley

City on Fire By Don Winslow (Request)(CloudLibrary)

Don Winslow translates his love for classic literary tales, like The Iliad, and turns it into a contemporary saga set in his hometown of Providence, Rhode Island. Together the Irish and the Italians have been controlling criminal activity in New England, until a beautiful woman comes between them and ignites a war.
“City on Fire” is a true crime family novel set in the 1980s with all the drama, suspense, and authentic dialogue Winslow is known for. It is a fast paced, mob story with likeable characters who are gritty and unapologetic. If you are a fan of his previous novels, or of stories like The Godfather, this is a must read.

4 Stars

Ocean State – Staff Review – Haley

Ocean State by Stewart O’Nan (Request)(CloudLibrary)

A high school student is murdered and everyone involved has the projectory of their lives changed forever. Set in a coastal town in Rhode Island, Ocean State follows two teenage girls, and their families, as one boy becomes romantically entangled with both.

This is another book I picked up without knowing what it was going to be about. Had I known in advance, I probably wouldn’t have read it. The storyline, while plausible, just didn’t sit well with me. Perhaps because I am a mother of girls who will someday become teenagers, or because of the foulness of the character’s speech, attitude, and actions.

2 Stars

A Family Affair – Staff Review – Haley

A Family Affair By Robyn Carr (Request)(CloudLibrary)

Women’s lit mega star Robyn Carr brings her fans a new novel which is part romance and part domestic drama. Anna McNichol, a respected judge and mother of three grown children, believes keeping her rock marriage afloat is worth it, until her husband suddenly does in a rafting accident.  Ms. Carr takes us through the journey of the family from the funeral through the next year.  Robyn Carr is my go to for heartwarming love stories, however this one missed the mark for me. There was too much packed into this one story and some of the storylines felt unnecessary.  I am not a fan of constant Covid references in the books I read.  I am living through it and feel like books are a great escape from that.  I will always read books by Robyn Carr, this just wasn’t one of her best. 

3 Stars

Book Sale Clearance, May 25-28

It’s the Buck a Bag sale! We need to clear out some room in our book store to make space for new donations. We’ll have hundreds of books available in the Androscoggin Room at the low low price of $1 for a bag of books!  Fill any bag up to the size of a standard reusable grocery store bag for only a dollar. Now’s the time to stock up for beach or vacation reading! Please note that the Book Store will not be open during the clearance sale.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, May 25-27, 10-4

Saturday May 28, 9:30-12:30

Kids! High-Touch, High-Tech Science: Molecule Medley, April 23

Kids! High-Touch, High-Tech Science: Molecule Medley

Looking for something to do during April vacation? Join us for a hands-on science program where we will mix concoctions to create exciting reactions! We will figure out what is happening and why. For kids in grades 3 – 6.

Supplies are limited, please register.

Masks are recommended and appreciated.

Date:Saturday Apr 23, 2022

Time:11:00 AM  –  12:00 PM

Location:Androscoggin Community Room

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