Living With Intention, March 10 (Zoom)

Wednesday March 10, 4:30-5:30PM via Zoom

Often confused, intentional living is different from setting goals.  Intentions prioritize our emotions and how we want to show up in the world daily.  They are the commitments that empower us to remain in the present moment, foster better relationships, and live with emotional balance.  Intentional living is what John Maxwell described as “living your best story.”  

Join Mellow Mainer Meditation for a virtual workshop on how living intentionally can create greater joy.   Each participant will receive a handout to use to start their journey towards living with intention.

To register for this workshop, which will be presented via Zoom, contact the Reference Desk at 207-333-6640, ext. 4, or email  

Slow Flow Yoga, April 6-May 11

Take some time to slow down and dive deeper into the poses, while gaining strength, flexibility, and core balance.  Use the power of your breath to slowly move through your practice with intention and introspection in this vinyasa style class.  This is a moderately challenging class where pose variations will be offered to help everyone find their unique level of success.  Have a yoga mat, a yoga block or two, and wear comfortable clothes that will allow you to move well.  Take some time for yourself to move and breathe with grace, poise, and ease.

Learn more about our instructor, Rachel Legendre, at

This class will take place virtually via Zoom.  To register or if you have any questions, contact the Reference Desk at 207-333-6640, ext. 4, or email  Be sure to give your email address when registering; you will be sent a link to the class prior to the first class for which you are registered.

LOCATION: Online via Zoom- Call reference department to register

Pets and Heart Health, Feb 25 (Zoom)

The Auburn Public Library invites you to a one-hour fun and educational American Heart Association seminar about ways you can be active with your pet and the basics of heart health.

Besides the obvious value of a good snuggle, studies have shown that pet ownership can help
increase fitness levels, relieve stress, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and boost
overall happiness and well-being.

Pets also provide social support, which is an important factor in helping you stick with healthy habits.

Your Best Friend Can Help Your Heart Health, Thursday, February 25 4-5 p.m. (via Zoom)

FMI or to register, call 207-333-6640,ext. 4 or email

Book Bundles Ready to Go!

Grab a book bundle for a book surprise! Book Bundles have 3-4 books on a theme or in a genre. They are available through curbside or grab and go service, or pick one up during your browsing appointment.

Currently, we have the following book bundles available.

  • Kids Bundles
    • Start a Series
    • Fairy Tales
    • Who Was
    • Early Readers Level 1
    • Early Reader Level 2/3
    • Concept Books
    • Favorite Characters
  • Teen Bundles
    • Romance & Contemporary
    • Mystery & Thrills
    • Science Fiction
    • Horror
    • Fantasy
    • Graphic Novels
  • Adult Bundles
    • Romance
    • Mystery
    • Science Fiction
    • Thrillers
    • Fantasy
    • Contemporary.

Mr. Drew (and animals) on Zoom, Feb. 18

Join Mr. Drew in this virtual presentation via Zoom on Thursday February 18th at 11 am. Mr. Drew will feature 6 exotic reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates in this 40 minute event. Learn about the animals and about animal rehabilitation.

Please call the library to register at 333-6640 ext.3 . We will then send you the Zoom Link. Or register online:

We hope you can join us. Thursday Feb 18, 11:00 AM  –  11:45 AM

Browsing appointments start Feb. 16

The Auburn Public Library will reopen for browsing on a limited basis starting February 16. We are very pleased to welcome our customers back into the building.

To make an appointment for browsing, please call the Lending Desk at 333-6640, ext. 2 or the Childrens’ Department at ext. 3.

We will be limiting the number of customers in the building, so we strongly encourage advance reservations. In addition, we will be limiting families with children to one family/household at a time. Browsing will be limited to 30 minutes per day. Those who also have computer appointments will be limited to a total of one hour in the library.

The library will be open for browsing Monday-Friday, 10AM-6PM; and Saturdays 9AM-1PM. Please note that on Saturdays, we will not have public computers available and only limited Reference services.

We will continue to offer curbside pickup, and to take requests through email, phone, or through our online catalog. If you prefer to limit your time in the building, we are happy to prepare your items for pick up prior to your arrival.

We look forward to seeing you!

These Violent Delights – Staff Review – Cherise

These violent delights by Chloe Gong

This book was one of those books I was super excited about. I’m not a fan of Romeo and Juliet, but a retelling set in Shanghai in the 1920s? PLUS a supernatural mystery? I was extremely here for this book. This story did start out strong, however I felt that the book dragged on in the end and could have ended a 100 pages sooner, much of the plot repeated again and again. I fell in love with the characters. Juliette is a character that you instantly love because she’s strong and doesn’t care about being nice. You realize there’s a lot behind this, a lot of trauma that made her become cold and ruthless. Roma on the other hand I didn’t care for that much. He fell flat. He was technically the same as Juliette, but with a softer tone to him. He was a gangster unwilling to kill. There were times I liked him, I liked what he stood for, but by the end he felt like he got in the way more than anything. I loved the representation in this book, Kathleen being a transwoman and Marshall a gay man. The author wrote them both well, not letting those things rule their characters and be their sole trait. Did it play a big part in both of them? Kathleen at least, yes. Marshall, not so much. Being part of both the gay and trans community, I did love seeing this inclusion in a book set in the 1920s, when people like to pretend that no one was gay back then. As for the plot, it did suck me in at first. Two rival gangs, a madness spreading through their city, members of the gang dropping quickly. That the two ex lovers now must work together to solve it. I do love a good enemies to lovers. And this book took it a step further, from enemies, to lovers, to enemies, to dealing with each other, and finally lovers again only for it to sour once more. Personally I would have preferred if the romance had held out a little longer. It just didn’t fit with the fact the two of them. It felt a little forced.

So my final thoughts. It’s an enjoyable story, though it didn’t fully live up to the hype I had for it. It fell flat in a few places, but I am interested to see what book two gives us.

3 Stars

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