Chutes and Ladders Reading Challenge

Our next board game reading challenge will be Chutes and Ladders! It will run from June 21 – August 20. For this you’ll need:

A Playing Board (Print at home OR get yours at the lending desk)

Instruction booklet (At lending desk)

Stickers OR markers (Stickers come with playing board and instructions, but are not required)


In this reading challenge, your goal is to reach the number 50 at the top of the page. Each book must go with the prompt you landed on. You will mark the squares you land on with the small dot stickers (or draw dots on your board) that you received. How you move depends on how many pages of the book.

50-100 = 1 space

101-200 = 2 spaces

201-300 = 3 spaces

301-400 = 4 spaces

401-500 = 5 spaces

501-600 = 6 spaces


You get one wild card, which allows you to read a book that doesn’t go with the prompt. You will use the large dot sticker to mark this (or draw a square and fill it in with a marker). Each prompt must have its own individual book.