Circe – Staff Review – Maddy

Circe by Madeline Miller read by Perdita Weeks

Circe is the daughter of Helios, god of the sun, but unlike other gods and goddesses, she doesn’t show signs of possessing powers until later on in life when she starts interacting with mortals. As time with tell, Circe turns out to be a powerful witch- much more powerful than her family ever expected her to be. But her powers come with the price of exile to her own remote island when Zeus and other gods feel threatened. But for Circe, exile may not be the worst way to spend eternity.She can receive visitors and those familiar with greek mythology may know how this goes, at least in the beginning. Madeline Miller’s retelling of Circe gives the goddess the spotlight she doesn’t often get in mythology. 
 I listened to the audiobook version on Circe, which is available on the cloud library. This was my first time listening to an audiobook and its prompted me to listen to more. The woman who read Circe had an aesthetically pleasingvoice for the for the character of Circe. Being able to listen to the story offline while working or traveling allowed me to read a story I might not have otherwise had time for. Check out Circe and all the other great ebooks and audiobooks available for download at the cloud library!”