Group Study Rooms

In line with its mission to serve as a community commons and to assist members of the community realize their academic and self-directed learning goals, the Library provides its patrons with a variety of spaces for study. These include three group study rooms located in the reference area. Group study rooms are provided to allow small groups of 2-4 people to work, study, or engage in other intellectual pursuits together without disturbing other patrons.


In this policy, the term pair may include an adult who needs an isolated place to work or study while watching a young child.


 Patrons will have access to the Library’s group study rooms in the following order of priority:

  1. Pairs and groups with an advance reservation
  2. Pairs and groups without an advance reservation
  3. Single individuals (advance reservations not accepted)

A group study room may be reserved for use by a pair or group for a 2-hour period once each day. Reservations may be made by visiting or calling the reference desk.

A group study room may be reserved no more than two week in advance.

Groups or pairs, with or without reservations, will have priority over individuals in the use of group study rooms. Although individuals are free to use these rooms on a walk-in basis when they are not otherwise in use, they will be expected to give up the room immediately if any group or pair arrives and needs to use it. Group study rooms may not be reserved in advance for use by a single individual.

The Library reserves the right to limit an occupant’s session to two-hours if others are waiting to use a room.

Groups larger than 4 should reserve a meeting room or check with the reference staff about other accommodations.


Customers using a group study room are expected to leave the room in usable condition for the next group, including

  1.   leaving trash in proper receptacles

2.    putting chairs back in their proper place

Customers are also expected to adhere to the Library’s Customer Behavior Policy while using a study room, including refraining from any activity that will disturb other patrons.

Failure to abide by the Library’s policies may result in suspension of privileges to use the rooms