KIDS! STARGAZE: Everyone can reach the stars, May 27

Bates College students will be reading the book they wrote, share their experiences as young aspiring scientists, and answering any questions. They will also have a fun arts and crafts session where everyone will picture themselves achieving their dreams and placing them into little stars to always remember that everyone can reach the stars.

“STARGAZE: Stories from our Brightest Stars” is a book that follows the challenges, struggles, and successes of four lovely characters as they set to become part of the scientific community in a world where being different is not always appreciated.

Fueled by hope, this book is meant to inspire young readers, especially those of diverse backgrounds and identities, to follow their dreams fearlessly in a society that might try to stop them.” Best for children ages 6 and up. 

Date:Friday May 27, 2022

Time:4:00 PM  –  4:45 PM

Location:Maggie Trafton Room