APL welcomes 50th Cat!

Meet Parasoul, a lovable and affectionate feline with a heart as big as her round, plush physique. Parasoul appreciates a peaceful environment without the company of other animals, preferring to be the sole focus of attention. However, she has a remarkable affinity for respectful children and is incredibly patient and tolerant around them, enjoying their gentle company and affectionate interactions as long as they are gentle with her. Parasoul is a loving and devoted companion, showering her human family with affection and warmth.

Parasoul is on a weight control diet to ensure her well-being and health which she should remain on until otherwise directed by a veterinarian. With the right care and attention to her dietary needs, she thrives and remains a happy, contented cat.

Additionally, due to her larger size and round build, Parasoul may require some assistance with grooming from time to time. She may find it challenging to reach certain areas for grooming and would greatly benefit from the loving assistance of her human companions to help her stay clean and comfortable.

You can visit her on the 2nd floor of APL, just ask at the Reference Desk!