Rescuing the Planet – Staff Review – Joan

Rescuing the Planet Protecting Half the Land to Heal the Earth by Tony Hiss (Request)

A Canadian wolf gets a gets a radio transmitter and humans change their understanding of “range”, of borders, of saving species, land, and ourselves. It’s a new way to look at what earlier ecologists have said over time -but with a radio transmitter, it becomes very real that we have no idea of how we view preservation may need to be expanded, and fast. While it describes lots of research and ideas it’s very very readable. Good news, there’s a pretty decent start in getting to saving 50% of land by 3050.

“It was known that wolves wander. Pluie, considered a loner, might wander 60 or 70 miles. A month later came the bigger surprise, a real jolt. A civilian branch of NASA got in touch to say a satellite had picked up Pluie’s signal hundreds of miles to the southeast, down below the U.S border in Montana. Pluie hadn’t stopped broadcasting for a moment. The researchers hadn’t thought beyond their expectations and so weren’t looking nearly far enough away” for Pluie’s movements! Timely and informative, and importantly keeping things front of mind in today’s age!

5 stars