Snow Like Ashes – Staff Review – Isabella

Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch (CloudLibrary)

Snow Like Ashes follows Meira, an orphan girl from the conquered kingdom of Winter. Meria is one of only eight (free) surviving Winterians following the subjugation of Winter and the enslavement of the remaining citizens. Much of Meria’s life consists of training to be a mighty knight in the hope of one day recapturing Winter, but when scouts from another country find Meria’s camp her world is thrown into chaos. I greatly enjoyed this book and the two succeeding novels in the trilogy. The eight countries emulating seasons and sound were written in vivid detail which I found very entertaining. The characters, as well as the different countries, were unique and compelling in their own ways. Overall, Snow Like Ashes was a very fun read that was hard to put down. 

5 stars