Kiss Carlo – Staff Review – Anne

Kiss Carlo by Adriana Trigiani (Request)(CloudLibrary)

What’s the secret ingredient in the tomato sauce?

I really enjoyed the book ‘Kiss Carlo’ by Adriana Trigiani. After World War II things are changing for the Italian families of South Philly, Roseto PA and Roseto Valfortore, a small town in Italy. This is a story that focuses on the importance of family, relationships, creativity and reconciliation. The reader will connect with many situations the characters are faced with, but probably not with changing one’s identity to escape the wrath of a former fiancee’s father.
Written well, the story had many stories within it. I got to know the characters and their relationships with each other and especially liked the relationship between Calla and Nick and the strength of Aunt Jo and Hortense Mooney. The story could have ended with the fiasco in Roseto PA but kept going, showing a richer character development and leading to finding their purposes in life.

4.5 stars