The Paris Library – Staff Reviews – Maddie

The Paris Library by Janet Skeslien Charles (Request)(CloudLibrary)

In Paris 1939, young Odile Souchet has just started her dream job as a reference librarian at the American Library in Paris. Not long after,  WWII breaks out and the Nazis storm France, taking control of much of the country, including Paris. Soon, Odile and her fellow librarians find themselves joining the resistance; their weapon of choice: books. But not everyone finds resistance so easy.
Montana 1983: Lily longs for adventure outside of the small town she lives in rural Montana. Befriending her quiet, elderly neighbor Odile, Lily soon finds what she has been looking for. As the two become friends over their love of French culture, Lily stumbles upon a dark secret from the war. 
Based on the True story of the American Library in Paris and how its staff did their part to resist the Nazi occupation during WWII, this story shows hope, love and hardship during war times and how small, subtle acts can have a large impact. I enjoyed this book and the different perspective of wartime life that it provides. The characters come from a variety of backgrounds and countries yet are all united under their shared passions and experiences.

4 stars