Dread Nation – Staff Review – Haley

Dread Nation by Justina Ireland (Request)(CloudLibrary)

What if the American Civil war had not been just the northern and southern states combated against each other? What if the fallen soldiers began to rise from the battlefield to return as zombies! This is the premise of Justina Ireland’s novel, Dread Nation. Told from the perspective of Jane McKeene, a black girl who was sent from her home in Kentucky to attend finishing school at the infamous Miss Preston’s in Maryland where she learns zombie fighting skills as well as how to properly behave like a lady. The story follows Jane and her frenemy, Kate, from Ms. Preston’s through an unexpected journey taking them from Baltimore to a rural town where life is different from everything she’s experienced so far.

I truly enjoyed this book. Not only is the writing laugh out loud witty, Jane’s no apologies strength as a bi-racial woman is very refreshing. Zombie’s aren’t necessarily my first choice when choosing a book, but it worked really well for this historical fiction. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a good laugh and a fierce woman lead. There is also a second book in the duology.

4 Stars