Finding Freedom – Staff Review – Maddie

Finding Freedom by Erin French (Request)(CloudLibrary)

Erin French grew up in the small town of Freedom Maine, slightly north of Belfast. SHe saw her fair share of hardships, struggling with addiction, being a single mother, abusive relationships, and running a business when the cards were stacked against her. Despite everything thrown her way, she has overcome the challenges and succeeded in running a pop-up dining experience out of an air-stream trailer, and later operating a restaurant that people from all over the world come to visit.

Having grown up in, but never having heard of the Lost Kitchen until last year I was intrigued to read about how it came to be such a phenomenon. French tells a compelling story about how her dreams came to fruition in a way that keeps readers engaged throughout the story. Her memoir is well written and not at all dry as some memoirs and biographies can be. 

4 stars

Survival of the Friendliest – Staff Review – Terry

Survival of the Friendliest: understanding our origins and rediscovering our common humanity by Brian Hare (Request)

Ever wanted a pet fox? Turns out they are fast-tracked for domestication! This and other sociology and biology studies are outlined and analyzed in Survival of the Friendliest. Authors Hare and Woods discuss the theory that instead of survival of fittest and needing to compete, that human success may be the result of the natural behavior of cooperation with both other humans and other animals that have been domesticated. The book does go into a fair amount of detail but keeps things to a popular science level that is enjoyable to read for general audiences.

4 stars.