Ready Player Two – Staff Review – Haley

Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline (Request)(CloudLibrary)

Who’s ready to get sucked back into the world of virtual video games and pay homage to the 1980s? Ernest Cline’s follow up novel to Ready Player One picks up with Wade and the gang after completing Halliday’s quest and taking over his empire. And so begins Wade’s second quest.
I was terribly disappointed in this book. Having loved the first I had high expectations to enjoy this one as well, but it was a major let down. Fame and money have changed Wade’s personality, which, true it would, but he’s no longer an enjoyable character to follow on yet again, another too similar journey as book one;. The fun 80s references were not as eloquently woven through the story this time around and I found myself skimming sections, even in the John Hughes realm which I thought I would love!

1.5 Stars