The Last Thing He Told Me – Staff Review – Haley

The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave (Request)(CloudLibrary)

One day your husband just disappears with nothing more than a note delivered to you by a child. No explanation or details, only his teenage daughter, who hates you, left to your care. Laura Dave winds the reader through the mysterious life of Owen, from the point of view of his wife Hannah and her stepdaughter Bailey. As the two struggle to learn where Owen has gone, they uncover a web of lies and secrets.
While the details of the story are unique, the overall concept felt like it could have been any number of books. It was a whirlwind story and by the end it seemed just too outlandish. Some books you expect to expand your frame of mind, but I thought this would have reeled it in to the realm of actually possible as it wrapped up the novel.

2 Stars