The Mystery of Mrs. Christie – Staff Review- Maddie

The Mystery of Mrs. Christie by Marie Benedict (Requests)(CloudLibrary)

In 1926 Agatha Christie disappeared for 11 days, with her car found abandoned. A national manhunt of unprecedented scale ensued with people across England claiming citings. Her husband caught in the crosshairs, everyone wanted to know where was Mrs. Christie?

Though Mrs. Christie claimed amnesia and never revealed what happened or where she was during those eleven days, many people have speculated and written about it over the years. Marie Benedict writes a great (fictional) story of what could have happened and how Christie could have had a hand in the ordeal. The story reads like a classic Agatha Christie novel and does Christie justice. I will say that this novel starts off a little slow and may take readers 50-75 pages to really get into, but once you do, you won’t be disappointed. And you don’t need to have read any of Agatha Christie’s books to read this one, though it may make you want to after.

3.5 stars