The storyteller – Staff Review – Trisha

The storyteller : tales of life and music by David Grohl (Request)(CloudLibrary)

This is a book about the nitty gritty of trying to go after your passions and what it may take to fulfill your dreams. Dave gives insight into some of his childhood and his time in Nirvana and The Foo Fighters and everything in between. He is a great storyteller and I highly recommend listening to this on audiobook, as it is narrated by Grohl himself. What’s even better is that he is a mama’s boy. Doesn’t get much better than that.
*Also there is a bonus on the audiobook, make sure you completely listen. I don’t know if the last story is in the physical book or not.

4.5 Stars

With the Fire on High – Staff Review – Trisha

With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo (Request)(CloudLibrary)

This YA novel had romance, intrigue and suspense. It was a charming book about a young teenage mom finding what her passions are outside of school and home. What will Emoni do once she graduates from high school? Is there time for romance too? The story had just enough romance and real life stories to make it seem relatable. For those single moms, regardless of age, this is a totally relatable story of trying to find your way in the world outside the title of MOM and where to go from there. While the story seemed to pick up pace in the end, it left me with questions on how some of the story lines ended. Kind of left it open to interpretation and left me waiting it to last longer. 

4 stars

Boys Adrift – Staff Review – Trisha

Boys adrift by Leonard Sax (Request)

If you are thinking that your son may be on the verge of failure to launch, then this is the book for you. This book really opened my eyes on the dangers of video gaming and why so many young men today aren’t launching off like they used to. There is some mention of ADHD and medications, not for or against, just factual and researched information. Sax has done his research and has given great insight on what we need to do as parents to help our sons in their futures. This book will have you wanting to parent a new way towards your son, especially if you feel he is unmotivated and has no real goals in life. Although this book was originally published in 2007 the information is even more relevant today.