The Other Black Girl – Staff Review – Haley

The Other Black Girl by Zakiya Dalila Harris (Request)(CloudLibrary)

All the hype for the best book of summer 2021, but was it really worth the praise? The debut novel from Zakiya Dalila Harris draws a bit from her own experiences in the world of publishing, as her main character, Nella Rogers, works as an editorial assistant in a prestigious NYC publishing house. As Nella is beginning to feel the lack of upward mobility and frustration of being the only black woman in the company, a new black co-worker is hired. Eager to have an ally, Nella is caught off guard as the alliance between her and Hazel is not what she had hoped for.

My preconceived ideas of what this book was about, based on the reviews stating this book in the next “The Devil Wears Prada”, were very mistaken. The first half of the book unfolds as an office drama, with a few odd inserts about seemingly unrelated characters thrown into the mix. Then the book flips on its axis and moves the reader into the realm of horror/fantasy. Had I known that upfront I wouldn’t have chosen this book to read. However, I stuck it out and while it wasn’t my cup of tea as they say, if you like a wild ride with a little horror thrown in, this may be your flavor.

3 Stars