To All the Boys I Loved Before series – Staff Review – Trisha

To all the boys I’ve loved before P.S. I still Love You Always and Forever, Laura Jean

by Jenny Han by Jenny Han by Jenny Han

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I just finished the To All the Boys I’ve Loved before series by Jenny Han. The story starts off with Lara Jean having written love letters to 5 different boys who were big moments in her life but never intended to mail them out. How do these letters get out and what does it mean to have them out? As we follow along with Lara Jean and her romantic adventures we start noticing a love forming. These books were so fun and you were always rooting for the couple that didn’t make sense, but made total sense. You’ll have to read the trilogy to see if they make it the distance. The first book leaves off with a cliffhanger. Han had originally only wanted this to be a duo, I am not sure why it became a trilogy, but I am so glad it did. If you want a sweet and innocent high school romance and all the drama it brings, this is for you. There is also a Netflix series of three movies to go along with each book as well.

I would give this series:

4.5 stars.