Winter reading challenge

Library Clue

January 4-February 26

Like any good mystery, the board game Clue relies on the detective determining the suspect, murder weapon and location of the crime. For our winter reading challenge, collect “clues” by reading books that relate to the characters, weapons and settings listed below.  At the end, we will randomly draw a suspect, murder weapon and location for our “crime”. If you’ve read a book related to all three, you will win a fabulous prize! The more “clues” you collect, the greater the chance of finding the correct ones.

Ask us for a brochure to log your reading (we can add it to your curbside order or mail it to you) or join online at our Beanstack site (

Characters: Read a book with a cover the color of the character, or with the name or color in the title.

  • Miss Scarlet (red)
  • Colonel Mustard (yellow)
  • Mrs. White (white)
  • Mr. Green (green)
  • Mrs. Peacock (blue)
  • Professor Plum (purple)

Weapons: Read a book that features the weapon, has a picture on the cover, or the word in the title.

  • Dagger or Knife
  • Candlestick
  • Revolver (or gun/pistol/etc.)
  • Rope

Rooms: Read a book that takes place at least partially in the room, or has the name of the room in the title.

  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room
  • Library
  • Study
  • Hall

For the virtual display of books for these prompts, please click here. It will be updated weekly with new books,