COVID-19 UPDATE: All items will be automatically renewed to one week after reopening.

Renewing a borrowed item extends its original due date for the length of an additional loan period (14 days). The library allows renewals to give borrowers longer access to library materials on an as-needed basis. Renewals meet the additional time needs of borrowers for materials that have not been requested by other users.

What Library Materials May Be Renewed?

All circulating library materials are eligible for renewal, except for certain parts of the collection which are in high-demand or are time-sensitive.

An item may not be renewed if it has been requested by another library user.

Two renewals are allowed on all renewable materials. Exceptions may be made when circumstances warrant.

How May I Renew Library Materials?

Library borrowers may renew items in person, by telephone or online.

The Library’s online system will not allow patrons to renew materials that are already overdue. In such cases, borrowers should telephone the library to renew overdue items.

Materials may be renewed after they have become overdue, but in these cases the patron will be required to pay whatever overdue fines have accrued. These may be paid at the time of renewal or when the item is returned to the library.

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