The Auburn Public Library has several designated parking areas:

  • The spaces along Library Avenue that face the library are designated as 2 hour parking. 
  • The parking lot adjoining the library building is also designated 2 hour parking.  Please note that is no public parking in the spaces designated for the City’s Electrical Division.   There are two designated parking spots in this lot near the staircase for curbside pick-up only.
  • Spring Street curbside parking is 1 hour from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
  • Overflow parking is available in the parking lot between the railroad tracks and Denny’s.  A number of these spots are reserved for employees only.  This lot offers unlimited parking.

Note:  Parking designations and time limits are subject to change without notice.

For those attending meetings at APL:  Parking spaces at the APL are limited so please consider carpooling.  Please note the blue zones are timed parking and the police do ticket.  If parking in the green zones is not available, there are public parking lots at City Hall (free) and at the corner of Pleasant & Drummond Streets (some are metered).   If your meeting will last more than two hours, we kindly ask that you park across the railroad tracks in that lot, rather than in front of the library which is limited to 2 hour parking.


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