Cats in the Library

Grey Cat

Rosie is a very vocal girl who can still love playing and is full of personality! She is very social and will spend most of her time hanging around her humans but is also independent and likes having some alone time. Roseate may do okay with other calm cats or dogs after slow and proper introductions as she can also be easily stressed. She may also do well with mature children who will respect her space.

Come and meet this lady!

APL’s Cats in the Library partnership with the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society started at the beginning of the pandemic as a way for staff to cope and to help with the socialization of cats in need.  As the library reopened its doors to the public, APL also opened up visiting hours for the cats and our customers.  Since June 2020 APL has hosted 48 adoptable cats, almost all of which went directly to their new homes from the library.  Even our staff have adopted a few of these kitties! Some are adopted within a day or two and others have resided with us for a few months.