Tax Forms

APL now has a limited supply of instruction booklets and tax forms for filing your 2023 federal income taxes.  Please inquire at the Reference Desk (2nd floor).  Other IRS forms are available from the IRS website at

We do not get Maine tax forms, but they may be requested as follows from the Maine Revenue Service:

If you need other, supplemental forms, and know which ones they are, we can print them for you.  The first copy of a tax form is free; if you'd like additional copies, we will print them at cost (10 cents per page).  Any instruction booklets can be printed upon request; however, those will be printed at cost.

The Auburn Public Library cannot provide advice on taxes, how to complete forms, referrals to tax specialists, or review any of your documents. 

If you are looking for free tax preparation, you can try the following resources:

Tax Forms