Bulletin Boards

In line with the Library’s goal to enhance community access to information on public affairs and current events, APL provides bulletin boards designated for the posting of public notices.

Regulations for Bulletin Board Use

The Library will post informational notices of a civic, cultural, educational or recreational nature produced by any nonprofit or noncommercial group. The Library will not post notices that are for purposes of religious proselytizing or partisan political recruitment.

Notices of library programs, events, activities and services will have first priority, followed by notices sponsored by groups from Androscoggin County. All notices will be posted as space permits. Notices posted in service areas for children must be relevant to children’s interests or issues.

Notices must be approved by the Library’s designated staff person, who will be responsible for the posting of approved notices and the arrangement and appearance of the bulletin boards. Notices of dated events will be removed the day after the event is over; notices that are not date-specific will be posted for a maximum of 45 days. Any notice posted without library approval will be removed.

The Library’s posting of a public notice on its bulletin board(s) does not imply the Library’s endorsement of the sponsoring organization or of the notice’s content.

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